• Carol Yinghua Lu 21/12/11

    Carol Yinghua Lu is a contributing editor of frieze. Here her selections include an artist project by Barbara Bloom, interviews with Jean-Luc Nancy and Boris Groys, and a round-table on ‘super-hybridity’.

  • Hans Ulrich Obrist 10/11/11

    Hans Ulrich Obrist first contributed to frieze in 1993, when he interviewed Gerhard Richter. Here his selections include Susan Hiller writing on Hélio Oiticica and an interview with David Sylvester.

  • Barbara Casavecchia 22/09/11

    Barbara Casavecchia is a contributing editor of frieze. Her choices include a round-table discussion on ‘super-hybridity’ and an interview with Roni Horn.

  • Richard Flood 18/09/11

    Richard Flood is a curator who first contributed to frieze in 1992. His selections include a monograph on Sigmar Polke, a city report from Naples and an essay about what it means to be a professional artist.

  • George Pendle 14/09/11

    George Pendle is a New York-based writer and regular contributor to frieze. His choices run from slapstick to Tom Wolfe to glass-blowing.

  • Monika Baer 09/09/11

    Artist Monika Baer’s selections from frieze‘s archive include Amy Sillman in conversation with Matt Saunders and Dominic Eichler on Dorothy Iannone.

  • Massimiliano Gioni 07/09/11

    ‘I am partial to the very early issues of frieze because they were a bit of a shock for me, and because they revealed an entire new world to me – that of British art – that I had completely ignored at the time.’

  • Mike Bouchet 12/07/11

    Artist Mike Bouchet’s selections from the archive include everything from Ren & Stimpy to Francis Picabia.

  • Sean O’Toole 27/04/11

    An ‘international art magazine’ with a curious agricultural cover – a marrow, the colophon explains. What’s this all about? The gap year wanderer buys his first issue of frieze. Bas Jan Ader. Luc Tuymans. Who are these people? Remember, it is 1994: South Africa has just emerged out of the darkness; Google is three years away from being registered as a domain. The only names the young South African negotiating the interregnum between GATT and WTO recognises are Courtney Love and Tom Hodgkinson, whose review of Douglas Coupland’s new book makes him chuckle (‘it’s been written by a nerd’). He decides to take out a subscription.

  • Bruce Hainley 05/04/11

    Bruce Hainley has been a contributor to frieze since 1995. Here his picks are divided into three categories: ‘David Rimanelli Suite’; ‘Smart Ladies’; and ‘Isn’t That What They Call “Mies on a Beam”?’