Category: Cologne, Germany

Issue 68 June-August 2002

Morgan Fisher

Galerie Daniel Buchholz

By Catrin Backhaus

Issue 63 November-December 2001

Lucy McKenzie

Galerie Daniel Buchholz

By Anke Kempkes

Issue 61 September 2001

David Claerbout

Johnen & Schottle

By Anja Dorn

Issue 60 June-August 2001

Peter Roehr


By Holger Liebs

Issue 58 April 2001

Jack Goldstein

Galerie Daniel Buchholz

By Anke Kempkes, translated by Helen Slater

Issue 57 March 2001

Johannes Wohnseifer

Galerie Gisela Capitain

By Holger Liebs, translated by Helen Slater

Issue 55 November-December 2000

Out of Space

Kölnischer Kunstverein

By Anja Dorn

Issue 54 September-October 2000

Frances Stark

Daniel Buchholz Gallery

By Tom Holert

Issue 50 January-February 2000

Hanging Around

Museum Ludwig, Parking Meters, BQ

By Anja Dorn

Issue 47 June-August 1999

David Roth

Johnen + Schöttle, Cologne

By Holger Liebs

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