State of the Art

Call Yourself a Critic?

The untidy tradition of criticism by Sam Thorne

Pretty, Pretty Good

Tell Tales

How memory has changed by Jennifer Allen

State of the Art

This Must Be The PlaceRegistered only

The complicated idea of ‘home’ by Dan Fox


Public PropertyRegistered only

The fate of postwar murals in the UK by Brian Dillon

In These Intemperate Times

Compare and ContrastRegistered only

Creating and contesting categories by Lynne Tillman


Who Owns Images?Subscriber only

What the case against Luc Tuymans reveals about the difference between US and EU copyright law by Daniel McClean


Postcard from ManchesterRegistered only

Change is in the air at the city’s institutions by Eleanor Clayton


BooksSubscriber only

Why are so many writers and artists turning books into albums? by Rob Young

Weekend Special

International StyleSubscriber only

Design, architecture and optimism in postcolonial Africa by Sean O’Toole


The Art of CuratingRegistered only

The personal process of exhibition-making by Isobel Harbison


A Chronicle of Failed TherapySubscriber only

Revisiting Berlin Alexanderplatz on the 70th anniversary of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s birth by Tal Sterngast


MusicSubscriber only

What MoMA’s ‘Björk’ exhibition reveals about the uneasy relationship between museums and music by Dan Fox

State of the Art

Total Recall

On collective memory and personal experience by Paul Teasdale

Art Schools

The Phoenix

The Glasgow School of Art — past and future by Mark Sadler

Art History

Indian Satire

Mining the traditions of the political cartoon by Shanay Jhaveri

Weekend Special

Why are there so few biographies of African artists?

Why are there so few biographies of African artists? by Sean O’Toole


Creative Accounting

W.A.G.E.’s fight for artist fees by Nicole Cohen and Greig de Peuter



PJ Harvey records a new album in public by Lucy O’Brien

Ideal Syllabus

Ideal Syllabus

Meriç Algün Ringborg discusses the books that have influenced her



Re-reading Shulamith Firestone’s The Dialectic of Sex by Jenni Sorkin

By Design

By Design

The shifting influence of Milan’s Salone del Mobile by Alice Rawsthorn

State of the Art

The Solace of Art

Creativity as resistance by Jennifer Higgie

In These Intemperate Times

A Knowing Look

The importance of being curious by Lynne Tillman

Other cities, other seas

Crackdowns and Chaos

Can Egypt’s NGOs survive repressive new legislation? by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie


Uncertain Times

Arts funding and the recent elections in Brazil by Silas Martí

Life in Design

Life in Design

An alternative history of graphic design by Fraser Muggeridge



A new futurism in dance music? by Philip Sherburne


Data-Doubles of the Self

Twinship in contemporary art by William Viney



Art, auctions and storytelling meet in Valeria Luiselli’s latest novel by Natalie Ferris


Green Shoots

Ecological innovation in Chinese architecture by Beatrice Leanza

State of the Art

The Quiet Life

Artists and the freedom of the desert by Jonathan Griffin


History 2.0

How Wikipedia skews the story of art by Olivian Cha

Weekend Special

Town & Country

The role of the village in perceptions of Africa by Sean O’Toole

Art History

Loaded Vehicle

How the iconic, discontinued Ambassador car has inspired Indian artists by Shanay Jhaveri


Things To Come

Hollywood’s recent taste for revolt by Mark Fisher



The haunting soul music of Lonnie Holley by Andrew Hultkrans

By Design

By Design

Is the design world still a boys’ club? by Alice Rawsthorn


The Sharp, White Background

Thoughts on race and art in the 21st century by Naomi Beckwith



#Accelerate, a new reader for the fast-moving theory of Accelerationism by Orlando Reade

State of the Art

The Art of Distraction

Movie stars, late capitalism and fragmented attention spans by Tom Morton

In These Intemperate Times


Is too much information ever enough? by Lynne Tillman

Weekend Special

Being Observant

The films of Abderrahmane Sissako by Sean O’Toole

Other cities, other seas

Productive Anguish

How to survive exile by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Life in Fragments

Life in Fragments

Conversations, buildings, books and films by Céline Condorelli


Rare Minds

The dark, unsettling feminism of Jacqueline Rose by Nina Power



James Hoff’s music goes viral by Andy Battaglia


Museum Guide

Frederick Wiseman’s new documentary about London’s National Gallery by Nick Pinkerton



Gilda Williams’s new book on how to write about contemporary art by Orit Gat

State of the Art

Every Cloud

Can’t relate? Don’t worry: you’re not alone by Dan Fox


Postcard from Paris

What a fashion designer can teach us about the display of contemporary art by Vivian Sky Rehberg

Art History

Paper Chase

Radical collage and cut-outs in India

1914 Centenary

One Hundred Years

Public art and the commemoration of World War I by Lara Pawson

Life in Film

Life in Film

From Chantal Akerman to Roberto Rossellini, the British film director discusses her influences by Joanna Hogg



Who should the internet serve? by Stephanie DeGooyer



Playing for laughs in pop music


After Images

How artists and photographers in Japan have responded to the disasters of 3 March 2011 by Christy Lange


Radical Villains

20th-century illustrations of Fantômas by Erik Morse

By Design

By Design

New technology and endangered objects by Alice Rawsthorn

State of the Art

Learning Curve

An art education — at what cost? by Vivian Sky Rehberg

Other cities, other seas

Traveller’s Tales

Lady adventurers and the legacies of colonial history by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Weekend Special

Own Story

How to Write about Africa by Sean O’Toole

In These Intemperate Times


In defence of irony by Lynne Tillman



Cinema, growing up & Richard Linklater’s Boyhood by Nick Pinkerton



A new work by jazz pioneer Anthony Braxton by Franklin Bruno

Value for Money

Galleries throughout the UK turn to crowdfunding by Ellen Mara De Wachter

Life in Death

Life in Death

Trying to make sense of the loss of a friend by Travis Jeppesen


Fresh Ink

Why start a print magazine? by Elizabeth Glickfeld

State of the Art

Art Hearts Poetry

The role of poetry in the world of appearances by Quinn Latimer


What’s Hot What’s Not

Despair, ceramics, manners …


Drawing a Blank

Ukraine’s Maidan Protests and Manifesta by Sean Snyder and Olga Bryukhovetska


European Dropouts

The consequences of Russia’s cultural policies by Valentin Diaconov

Art History

Reel World

‘Sarkari Shorts’ and the Films Division of India by Shanay Jhaveri


Novel Idea

Omer Fast’s film adaptation of Tom McCarthy’s book, Remainder by Tom Morton

By Design

By Design

The difference between disciplines by Alice Rawsthorn


Scene of the Crime

The photographic archives of the Los Angeles Police Department by Erik Morse



Three new publications by artists catalogue the minutiae of contemporary existence by Robert Barry


Leaving Time

Image and imagination in the films of Alain Resnais by Jonathon Sturgeon



In pursuit of Erik Satie by Charlie Fox

Ideal Syllabus

Ideal Syllabus: Katrina Palmer

The artist and writer discusses the books that have influenced her by Katrina Palmer

State of the Art

Bringing the Battle Home

What makes a war story true? by Christy Lange

In These Intemperate Times

A Fictional Past

The myth of the ‘Great American Novel’ by Lynne Tillman

Other cities, other seas

What Remains

Can art survive a civil war? by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Weekend Special

First Site

Africa’s first mega-museum to open in Cape Town by Sean O'Toole

Life in Film

Life in Film (& Sculpture)

Jordan Wolfson discusses his influences by Jordan Wolfson


Black Water

Combustion and digestion in Matthew Barney’s latest work by Ross Simonini



Smartphones vs. the live experience by Damon Krukowski


Real Time

Radical filmmaking at the Sensory Ethnography Lab by Agnieszka Gratza


New Sweden

Re-evaluating modernist housing at Tensta Konsthall by Mark Fisher


Public Enemy

Machiavellian scheming and political drama by Timotheus Vermeulen



Two recent publications examine conflict and collaboration in public art projects by David Crowley

State of the Art

What’s the Use?

Museums take on social practice by Sam Thorne


Share & Like

The confusion around photography bans in museums by Ellen Mara De Wachter


Heritage Inc.

Consumption, conflict and the Beijing cityscape by En Liang Khong

Art Criticism

A Larger World

New approaches to exhibition-making in India by Shanay Jhaveri


Opening Time?

The visibility and invisibility of art in Cairo by Clare Davies


Form Follows Folly

Architecture, whimsy and the Gwangju Biennale by Joseph Grima



Whatever happened to New Age travellers? by Dan Fox

Ideal Syllabus

Ideal Syllabus: Linda Fregni Nagler

Italian artist Linda Fregni Nagler discusses the books that have influenced her by Linda Fregni Nagler

By Design

What Is Design?

An agent of change, from prehistory to today by Alice Rawsthorn

Weekend Special

Open Cities

Walking with Teju Cole by Sean O’Toole


Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei


The thrill of it all

'An artist inventor of undimming good humour, whose work provides the soul with strength to face a not too terrible hereafter.' by Michael Bracewell


Erase and Rewind

In memory of the late Sturtevant we present this archive piece by Bruce Hainley on her long and influential career by Bruce Hainley


Questionnaire: Joan Jonas

Q: What do you like the look of? A: The everyday world: grand and microscopic. by Joan Jonas


A Natural Elegance

Novelist Sarah Hall talks to Sarah Lucas about sculpture, sexual politics and representing Britain at this year’s Venice Biennale

Think Piece

Ebb & FlowSubscriber only

On the ruptures and restlessness of much contemporary art, and how this is reflected in the 56th Venice Biennale by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie


Data Mine

Travis Jeppesen considers disruption and ambivalence in the work of Simon Denny, in the run-up to the artist’s major project for the Venice Biennale by Travis Jeppesen


In Focus: Jesse DarlingSubscriber only

Undivided selves by Ellen Mara De Wachter

Think Piece

Near & FarRegistered only

How a sense of the local shapes art in the US by Jennifer Kabat


Exorcisms of the SelfSubscriber only

Connections across time and place in the work of Danh Vo by Jörg Heiser


In Focus: Max Hooper SchneiderRegistered only

Imagining a world without humans by Ed Schad


Space is the PlaceSubscriber only

Rediscovering the late, great philosopher Henri Lefebvre, whose ideas are increasingly relevant to contemporary life by Timotheus Vermeulen


In Focus: Daniel Steegmann MangranéRegistered only

From stick insects to rhombuses: working between the organic and the geometric by Sergio Delgado Moya


The Gap Between Me and Me

Dominikus Müller talks to Olaf Nicolai about place, subjectivity and the artist’s project for the German pavilion in Venice by Dominikus Müller

Picture Piece

Picture Piece: When the Rolling Stones met James BrownRegistered only

When the Rolling Stones met James Brown by Jonathan Lethem


The Retouch

Relating bodily sensations to virtual spaces in the photographs of Lucas Blalock by Brian Sholis


Carnival Theory

Jennifer Higgie on the bewildered mystics, mournful minstrels and mysterious rituals of Ryan Mosley’s paintings by Jennifer Higgie


In Focus: Julien Prévieux

Working for the man, or machine by Vivian Sky Rehberg


The Walker

Gideon Lewis-Kraus traces the transcontinental journeys of Brazilian artist Paolo Nazareth by Gideon Lewis-Kraus


Free Forms

Ida Ekblad talks to Zoe Pilger about painting, drifting, emptiness and energy by Ida Ekblad


In Focus: Laura Aldridge

Containers, collaboration and perception by Matthew McLean


Construction Sight

How a generation of artists is re-ordering the building blocks of photography by Aaron Schuman


In Focus: Tania Pérez Córdova

The memory and lifespan of objects. by Colin Perry


Local Colour

Simon Ling and plein-air painting in east London by Josephine New

Picture Piece

Picture Piece: Australia’s Big Things

The Big Pineapple by Chloe Hooper


Questionnaire: Daniel Buren

Q: What images keep you company in the space where you work? A: None. I just try to concentrate on what I am doing. by Daniel Buren


Questionnaire: Sophia Al-Maria

Q: What music are you listening to? A: Things that would disgust my teenage self; I have betrayed her. by Sophia Al-Maria

Think Piece

Formal Affairs

In recent years, abstract painting has experienced both a new popularity and a critical backlash. Can it be written off as ‘zombie formalism’ or are innovative approaches to abstraction really being developed?

Click here for the Chinese translation. by David Geers


Photo Finish

Social division and artistic engagement in the work of Mohamed Bourouissa by Vivian Sky Rehberg


In Focus: Emma Hart

Being betrayed by the body by Colin Perry


Ill-Begotten Treasures

Wolf-whistling at fallen angels in Lukas Duwenhögger’s imagined worlds by Charlie Fox


Fibre Is My Alphabet

Jennifer Higgie talks to Sheila Hicks about the 60-year evolution of her artistic language by Jennifer Higgie


In Focus: Sam Lewitt

Material production and the march of history by Joseph Akel


Skin & Surface

Dansaekhwa, or ‘Korean Monochrome Painting’, is the name ascribed to a style of painting practiced by a loosely affiliated set of Korean artists who came to prominence in the 1970s. Three recent exhibitions — at Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, Alexander Gray Associates, New York, and Kukje Gallery, Seoul — have, for the first time in a generation, brought this work to an audience outside of Korea, while a presentation of Dansaekhwa will be shown as part of the 56th Venice Biennale in May this year. We asked the curators of these exhibitions — Sam Bardaouil, Till Fellrath, Joan Kee and Yoon Jin Sup — to reflect on the key factors that led to the development of Dansaekhwa’s unique aesthetic and what its legacy is today. by Yoon Jin Sup, Joan Kee, Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath


In Focus: Liu Chuang

Cold portraits and warm-hearted annotations by Paul Teasdale

One Take

The Last Resort

Dan Fox explores handcrafted futures and the automated present in Scott Reeder’s new sci-fi film Moon Dust by Dan Fox

One Take

One Take: Human Mask

In the first of a new series focusing on a single work, Jennifer Higgie considers Pierre Huyghe’s latest film, Human Mask by Jennifer Higgie


Both Ways

Viviane Sassen talks to Aaron Schuman by Aaron Schuman


Open City

Vincenzo Latronico visits a utopian community in rural Chile, which is still thriving after over 40 years by Vincenzo Latronico


In Focus: Lucy Stein

Painting on the brink of hysteria by Charlie Fox


Join the Movement

Astrid Kaminski talks to Simone Forti, the legendary artist and choreographer who changed the course of both Postmodern dance and Minimal art. Artists Gerard & Kelly and Maria Hassabi, along with curator Ana Janevski, discuss Forti’s influence on their own work

Click here for the Chinese translation. by Astrid Kaminski


In Focus: Alisa Baremboym

Leaky flesh, soft machines and broken systems by Laura McLean-Ferris

Think Piece

World of Interiors

Imagine a door with no room: Are you inside or outside? by Amy Sherlock


In Focus: Anna Ostoya

Mining historical works for new conceptual paths by Ara H. Merjian

Picture Piece

Picture Piece: Bank of Georgia Headquarters

Bank of Georgia Headquarters by Sam Thorne


Eyes and Ears

Diego Perrone’s audio, visual world by Barbara Casavecchia


A Tension of Moods

Kai Althoff’s recent work by Michael Bracewell


Questionnaire: Karl Ove Knausgård

Q: What do you wish you knew? A: I wish I knew less. by Karl Ove Knausgård


Questionnaire: Julie Ault

Questionnaire: Julie Ault by Julie Ault


What’s so funny?

How humour feeds painting by Paul Teasdale


After the End

With mordant humour, the art of Michael E. Smith plots the bleak landscapes of exurban America by Jonathan Griffin


In Focus: Oscar Santillan

‘Civilizations of the jaguar’, vacuum cleaners and the human body by Timotheus Vermeulen


In Focus: Rachel Reupke

Taking stock of stock images by Dan Kidner


A Wall to Object to

On the occasion of a major touring retrospective, Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith examines the relationship between image and painting in the work of Marlene Dumas by Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith


The Cartoon Network

Illustration and art history collide in Sanya Kantarovsky’s paintings by Scott Roben


In its Place

Decoding Uri Aran’s mysterious work-tables by Declan Long


Heads Above Water

The anarchic 1920s Tokyo art movement Mavo and the internationalism of the Japanese Avant-garde by Andrew Maerkle

Picture Piece

Picture Piece: Egyptian Desert Cinema

Egyptian Desert Cinema by Sukhdev Sandhu


Questionnaire: Anna Maria Maiolino

Q What could you imagine doing if you didn’t do what you do? A Drifting on a boat. by Anna Maria Maiolino

Think Piece

The Stories They Need

A slew of recent exhibitions and projects — from Berlin and Cairo to Marrakech, New York and Paris — reveals an interest in the artist as anthropologist by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie


Perfect Pretence

In Shahryar Nashat’s films and sculptures, dodecahedrons, dance and desire come together in delirious studies of impossible ideals by Jörg Heiser


Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard: Influences

From the cover of an Adam Ant album to Lindsay Anderson’s films, Samuel Beckett’s plays, Nick Cave’s music and Bruce Nauman’s videos, the artists and filmmakers discuss the evolution of their artistic imaginations by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard


Cultural Currency

How Andra Ursuta’s sculptures play with national stereotypes by Summer Guthery


What’s Not to Like?

How Darren Bader has pushed the readymade to its extreme by Domenick Ammirati


In Focus: Katja Novitskova

Silicon wafer weapons and Mars missions by Kirsty Bell


In Focus: Tamara Henderson

Films and installations from the depths of the unconscious by Josefine Wikström


In Focus: Jesse Wine

Botched temporalities and ceramic selves by Matthew McLean


The Sun On Your Face

Zoe Pilger talks to Laure Prouvost about translation, tea, fictitious grandparents, erotic films and trying to make sense of the world by Zoe Pilger

Picture Piece

Picture Piece

The Audium by Geeta Dayal


Strike a Pose

The consistently inconsistent career of Scottish artist Bruce McLean by Colin Perry


Magnificent Obsession

Time-travelling with Pablo Bronstein by Charlie Fox


Into the Void

In the run-up to a major solo exhibition at Chicago’s Renaissance Society, Michael Bracewell considers the work of Mathias Poledna by Michael Bracewell

Picture Piece

Picture Piece

Patrick Caulfield's Gravestone by George Pendle


In Focus: Edward Thomasson

Making a song and dance of things by Basia Lewandowska Cummings


In Focus: Guillaume Leblon

Vital materialism and the unsteady march of progress by Rahma Khazam


The Handmade Web

Digital pasts and futures meet in the work of Aleksandra Domanović by Laura McLean-Ferris by Laura McLean-Ferris


Borrowed Energy

Timotheus Vermeulen talks to philosopher Rosi Braidotti about the pitfalls of speculative realism, the movement that has created a buzz in the art world by Rosi Braidotti and Timotheus Vermeulen


The History Man

Rashid Johnson talks to Tom Morton about fiction, humour and homage by Tom Morton


Head Space

A conversation between Ed Atkins and Matthew De Abaitua about the intertwining of art and technology by Matthew De Abaitua


Questionnaire: Barbara Kruger

Questionnaire: Barbara Kruger by Barbara Kruger


Seven Subjects You Shouldn’t Photograph

(Or Should You?) by Christy Lange


Changed States

Collaboration and conflict in the work of Eric Baudelaire by Ellen Mara De Wachter


Today is an Example

Praised by T.S. Eliot and best friends with Harry Smith, Lionel Ziprin was a mystic and poet whose archive is a source of fascination for many contemporary artists, especially Carol Bove, who now houses it in her New York studio by Andy Battaglia by Andy Battaglia


My Influences: Liliane Lijn

From conversations with friends including André Breton, William Burroughs and Caresse Crosby, to studying astronomy, physics and the Greek myths, Liliane Lijn discusses the evolution of her pictorial language by Liliane Lijn


In Focus: Patrizio di Massimo

Guilty pleasures at home and far away by Amy Sherlock


Focus Studio Visit: Caroline Achaintre

Theatrical textiles and characters in clay by Isobel Harbison

Picture Piece

Picture Piece: Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau in Soho by Jennifer Higgie


Always in the Present

Dominikus Müller discusses the role of words and objects in the work of Jason Dodge by Dominikus Müller


In Focus: Avery Singer

Painting as sculpture as performance by Kasia Redzisz


Focus Interview: Jumana Manna

Films and sculptures about ambiguity and materiality by Omar Kholeif

Think Piece

In the Company of Flesh and Blood

Approaching sincerity via poetry and art by Matthew Rana


Questionnaire: Sue Tompkins

Q: What was the first poem you remember reading? A: Beowulf, at school.  by Sue Tompkins


15 Poems

A selection of new, previously unpublished work by leading poets: John Ashbery, Charles Bernstein, Anselm Berrigan, Paul Chan, Marcella Durand, Alan Gilbert, Ann Lauterbach, Eileen Myles, Jake Pam Dick, Frances Richard, Lytle Shaw, Mónica de la Torre, Anne Waldman, Matvei Yankelevich and John Yau. For this special section, we invited Jeremy Sigler to choose new work by poets from different generations and sensibilities, whose writing is influenced, in one way or another, by the visual arts. All live and work in the US; some write poetry full-time; many are critics, activists and educators; yet others are artists.


Notes on Film

On the 20th anniversary of Derek Jarman’s death, Paul Schütze spoke to Simon Fisher Turner about composing music for his friend’s movies by Paul Schütze


Paloma Varga Weisz: My Influences

From her father’s illustrations of Jean Cocteau’s poetry to Lucas Cranach, Giorgio de Chirico and Gerhard Merz, the German artist discusses the evolution of her pictorial language and Jennifer Higgie responds to her ‘heart-breaking hallucinations’ by Jennifer Higgie


Everywhere at Once

Ken Okiishi: painting in the age of Instagram by David Everitt Howe


In Focus: Matt Lipps

Home and where the heart is by Joseph Akel


Focus Interview: Benedict Drew

Puncturing fantasies: exhausted images and the ‘me’ generation by Nathaniel Budzinski


Mergers & Aquisitions

Xu Zhen and his cultural production organization, MadeIn Company

Chinese Translation by Colin Chinnery


Only The Lonely

Dan Fox talks to Michael Smith about minimalism, comedy and failure by Dan Fox

3rd New Museum TriennialSubscriber only

New Museum, New York, USA

By Laura McLean-Ferris

Body TalkRegistered only

WIELS, Brussels, Belgium

By Ellen Mara De Wachter

Around TownSubscriber only

Various venues, Budapest, Hungary

By William Corwin

The RadiantsSubscriber only

Bortolami Gallery, New York, USA

By Scott Roben

Alfredo JaarRegistered only

Galerie Lelong, New York, USA

By Ara H. Merjian

Vivienne GriffinSubscriber only

Bureau, New York, USA

By Orit Gat

Jack WhittenRegistered only

Museum of Contemporary Art , San Diego, USA

By Carmen Winant

The Border AgainSubscriber only

Human Resources, Los Angeles, USA

By Evan Moffitt

Fiona ConnorRegistered only

1301PE, Los Angeles, USA

By Jonathan Griffin

Mark BradfordSubscriber only

Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

By Francesca Tarocco

ParasophiaRegistered only

Various venues, Kyoto, Japan

By Christy Lange

Lou HubbardRegistered only

West Space , Melbourne, Australia

By Sophie Knezic

BustsSubscriber only

Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland, New Zealand

By Anthony Byrt

Vlatka HorvatSubscriber only

ZAK | BRANICKA, Berlin, Germany

By Keren Goldberg

Meyer VaismanSubscriber only

Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany

By Kirsty Bell

Pierre BismuthSubscriber only

Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria

By Ben Eastham

Shifters: Signalling in Latin America and Eastern EuropeRegistered only

gb agency, Paris, France

By Sabrina Tarasoff

What cannot be used is forgottenRegistered only

CAPC musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux, France

By Max Andrews

Jasmina CibicSubscriber only

Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary

By Chris Fite-Wassilak

Ahmet ÖğütRegistered only

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands

By Vivian Sky Rehberg

The Alien WithinSubscriber only

Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden

By Pablo Larios

Past Disquiet: Narratives and Ghosts from The International Art Exhibition for Palestine, 1978Registered only

MACBA, Barcelona, Spain

By Rebecca Heald

Deborah LigorioRegistered only

Francesca Minini, Milan, Italy

By Federica Bueti

ListeningSubscriber only

the Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK

By Luke Healey

Patrick StaffSubscriber only

Chisenhale Gallery , London, UK

By Matthew McLean

Andra UrsutaRegistered only

Massimo de Carlo, London, UK

By Alice Butler

Eileen QuinlanSubscriber only

Campoli Presti, London, UK

By Jonathan P. Watts

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as CollectorRegistered only

Barbican, London, UK

By Charlie Fox

Paul KnealeSubscriber only

Evelyn Yard, London, UK

By Ellen Mara De Wachter

Conflict, Time, PhotographyRegistered only

Tate Modern , London, UK

By Sara Knelman

Live: The Violet CrabRegistered only

David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK

By Matthew McLean

2nd Kochi-Muziris Biennale

Various Venues , Kochi & Muziris, India

By Dieter Roelstraete

The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World

The Museum of Modern Art , New York, USA

By Ara H. Merjian

Akram Zaatari

SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey

By Jonathan P. Watts

Ann Böttcher

Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden

By Ronald Jones

Carlos Motta

Röda Sten konsthall, Gothenberg, Sweden

By Matthew Rana

Melik Ohanian

Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, France

By Matthew McLean

Trisha Donnelly

Air de Paris , Paris, France

By Sabrina Tarasoff

Nico Vascellari

Monitor, Rome, Italy

By Luisa Grigoletto

Céline Condorelli

HangarBicocca, Milan, Italy

By Barbara Casavecchia

John Latham

La Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy

By Barbara Casavecchia

Emily Wardill

carlier | gebauer, Berlin, Germany

By Pablo Larios

Vera Molnar

Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, Switzerland

By Adam Jasper

Ernie Gehr

Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Geneva, Switzerland

By Robert Barry

Patricia Gadea

Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain

By Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

Maria Thereza Alves

Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville, Spain

By Max Andrews

Abraham Cruzvillegas

Museo Jumex, Mexico City, Mexico

By Colin Perry

Joan Brown

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, USA

By Jonathan Griffin

Ryder Ripps

Postmasters Gallery , New York, USA

By Karen Archey

Titus Kaphar

Jack Shainman Gallery , New York, USA

By Hannah Stamler

Believe You Me

247365, New York, USA

By Orit Gat

Yusef Lateef

White Columns, New York, USA

By Joseph Akel

Chris Ofili

New Museum, New York, USA

By Dan Fox

Eric Wesley

356 S. Mission Road , Los Angeles, USA

By Jonathan Griffin

Beth Stuart

Battat Contemporary, Montreal, Canada

By James D. Campbell

Wilfredo Prieto and Ariel Schlesinger

Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

By Keren Goldberg

The SAAL Process: Architecture and Participation in Portugal, 1974–1976

Museu Serralves, Porto, Portugal

By Tobi Maier

Mrinalini Mukherjee

National Gallery of Modern Art , Delhi, India

By Devika Singh

Xiao Quan

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu, China

By Carol Yinghua Lu


M21, Shanghai, China

By Radhika Kapila

Lynda Benglis

The Hepworth Wakefield , Wakefield, UK

By Ellen Mara De Wachter

Nástio Mosquito

Ikon Gallery , Birmingham, UK

By Hansi Momodu-Gordon

David Conroy

Seventeen, London, UK

By Morgan Quaintance

Cross Section of a Revolution

Lisson Gallery, London, UK

By Eleanor Nairne

Graham Little

Alison Jacques Gallery, London, UK

By Charlie Fox

Mary Ramsden

Pilar Corrias, London, UK

By Louisa Elderton

Jesse Darling & Takeshi ShiomitsuRegistered only

Andor, London, UK

By Robert Barry

Till the stars turn coldSubscriber only

Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, UK

By Chris Sharratt

Jack SmithRegistered only

The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

By Matthew McLean

Alasdair GrayRegistered only

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, UK

By Amy Sherlock

The Two Roberts: Robert Colquhoun & Robert MacBrydeSubscriber only

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK

By Maria Fusco

Live: Open TuningsSubscriber only

MIT Visual Arts Center , Massachusetts, USA

By Damon Krukowski

Marcel Duchamp. Painting, Even / Sade. Attacking the Sun

Centre Pompidou / Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

By Jörg Heiser

31st Bienal de São Paulo

Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil

By Lauren A. Wright

The Moving Museum

Şişhane Otopark, Istanbul, Turkey

By Jonathan P. Watts

10th Shanghai Biennale

Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

By Matthew McLean

Dong Xiwen

Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China

By Carol Yinghua Lu

Penny Siopis

Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

By Sean O’Toole

Habitat (with World Food Books)

Minerva, Sydney, Australia

By Wes Hill

Zin Taylor

1646, The Hague, The Netherlands

By Vivian Sky Rehberg

Allegory of the Cave Painting

Extra City Kunsthal and Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, Belgium

By Nick Aikens

Jonathan Gardner

Mary Mary , Glasgow, UK

By John Quin

Nadia Hebson

Drop City , Newcastle, UK

By Natasha Soobramanien

Melvin Edwards

Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, UK

By Morgan Quaintance

Rachel Maclean

Rowing, London, UK

By Alice Butler

Julie Verhoeven

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

By Laura Castagnini

Daniel Lipp

Southard Reid, London, UK

By Paul Pieroni

Roy Voss

Matt's Gallery , London, UK

By Linda Taylor

Senga Nengudi

White Cube, London, UK

By Amy Sherlock

Around Town

Various venues , Turin, Italy

By Jörg Heiser

The Reluctant Narrator

Museu Colecção Berardo, Lisbon, Portugal

By Joana Neves

Isabelle Cornaro

Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich, Switzerland

By Aoife Rosenmeyer

Julie Beaufils

Balice Hertling, Paris, France

By Sabrina Tarasoff

Sascha Weidner

Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf, Germany

By Timotheus Vermeulen

Lynn Hershman Leeson

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany

By William J. Simmons

Nikita Kadan

Campagne Première, Berlin, Germany

By Sonja Hornung

Private Settings, Art after the Internet

Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

By Krzysztof Kosciuczuk

Suzy Lake

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

By Dan Adler

Hannah Rickards

Fogo Island Gallery, Newfoundland

By Kari Cwynar

Katarina Burin

Ratio 3, San Francisco, USA

By Jeanne Gerrity

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