Issue 38 January-February 1998

Picture Piece

Picture Piece: AK-47

The little black dress of the Military-Industrial complex by Joe Scanlan

Art Criticism

Crowd Control

Andrea Bowers' 'Spectacular Appearances' by Michael Darling


Mechanical Thinking

Nader by Daniel Birnbaum


Girls can Jump

Women's basketball by Christian Haye


Come Play with Me

Sony's programmable PlayStation


Parappa The Rapper, Sony Computer Entertainment; Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Oddworld Inhabitants / GT

Someone was paying attention when it was noted that video games have a revenue potential exceeding that of feature films... by Christian Haye


No Place Like Home

Thomas Schütte by Alexander Alberro


Uniform Appearance

Do-Ho Suh by Miwon Kwon


Spin City

The Istanbul, Johannesburg and Kwangju Biennales by Christian Haye


Kids in America

An interview with Harmony Korine by Cameron Jamie

Art Criticism

That Sinking Feeling

Cruising the Mercury Art Collection by Ralph Rugoff


Buddha Built My Hot Rod

Cars, art and the perfect finish by Edward Allington


Nowhere Fast

Concept cars by Collier Schorr


Positive and Negative

Mona Hatoum's US retrospective by Michelle Grabner

Art Criticism

Art of Darkness

Photographing war by Joe Laniado

Julian Rosefeldt and Piero Steinle

Espace des Blancs, Manteaux, Paris, France

By Laurie Attias

Zones of Disturbance

Marieninstitut, Graz, Austria

By Jennifer Higgie

James White & Tim Sheward

Entwistle Gallery, London, UK

By David Barrett

Simon Starling

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, UK

By Ross Sinclair

Julian Rosefeldt and Piero Steinle

Espace des Blancs, Manteaux, Paris, France

By Laurie Attias

Transit ? 60 artistes nés après 1960

École Nationale des Beaux-Arts/Glassbox, Paris, France

By Sophie Berrebi

Il Paparazzo/ I Paparazzi

Robert Miller Gallery, New York, USA

By Christian Haye

Christiane Möbus

Kunstverein Hannover, Hanover, Germany

By Martin Pesch

Josiah McElheny

AC Project Room, New York, USA

By Joe Scanlan

Katrin von Maltzahn

Galerie Puttkamer, Berlin, Germany

By Jörg Heiser

John Isaacs

Imperial College, London, UK

By Neal Brown

Margaret Honda

Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

By Jan Tumlir

Johan Grimonprez

Deitch Projects, New York, USA

By Ronald Jones


White Columns, New York, USA

By David A. Greene

James Ensor

Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK

By Neal Brown

Lukas Duwenhögger

The F-room, Malmö Konst Museum, Malmö, Sweden

By Lars Bang Larsen

Cheryl Donegan

Basilico Fine Arts, New York, USA

By Helen Molesworth

Scene of the Crime

UCLA/Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center,, Los Angeles, USA

By Michael Darling

Ginny Bishton

Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, USA

By Carmine Iannaccone

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