Category: Informant

Issue 152 January-February 2013

Horror Vacui

Trevor Paglen and the final frontier by George Pendle

Issue 150 October 2012

Art for All?

The display of museum collections: a modest proposal by George Pendle

Issue 148 June-August 2012

To Die For

A brief history of deadly art by George Pendle

Issue 146 April 2012

Post Script

The hybrid genre of the film novelization by George Pendle

Issue 144 January-February 2012

The Power of One

The strange allure of amulets by George Pendle

Issue 142 October 2011

Monsters Inc.

The Museum of Cryptozoology and its celebration of the unknown and the elusive by George Pendle

Issue 140 June-August 2011

Shadow Lands

Great buildings that were never built by George Pendle

Issue 138 April 2011

Add Infinitum

M.C. Escher and the enduring influence of Roger Penrose by George Pendle

Issue 134 October 2010

Escape Artist

One man's crusade against 'woo-woo' by George Pendle

Issue 132 June–August 2010

Get SmartWith video

An updated style bible heralds the return of the preppy by George Pendle

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