Category: State of the Art

Issue 145 March 2012

Call Yourself a Critic?

The untidy tradition of criticism by Sam Thorne

Issue 175 November-December 2015

Civil ServiceRegistered only

The refugee crisis and the pitfalls of artistic responses by Jörg Heiser

Issue 174 October 2015

Speaking in Tongues

The best art eludes easy interpretation by Chris Wiley

Issue 173 September 2015

Material World

Visualizing the Snowden archive by Christy Lange

Issue 172 June–August 2015

The Future Is Now

What Makes Us Human by Amy Sherlock

Issue 171 May 2015

This Must Be The Place

The complicated idea of ‘home’ by Dan Fox

Issue 170 April 2015

Total Recall

On collective memory and personal experience by Paul Teasdale

Issue 169 March 2015

The Solace of Art

Creativity as resistance by Jennifer Higgie

Issue 168 January-February 2015

The Quiet Life

Artists and the freedom of the desert by Jonathan Griffin

Issue 167 November-December 2014

The Art of Distraction

Movie stars, late capitalism and fragmented attention spans by Tom Morton

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