Category: City Report

Issue 134 October 2010

LA City Report

From powerhouse institutions to tiny project spaces, legendary art schools and artist-run initiatives, LA’s dispersed art scene is flourishing by Fritz Haeg and Jonathan Griffin

Issue 132 June–August 2010

Basel & Zurich

Despite the country’s insularity, Switzerland’s art scene is thriving by Quinn Latimer and Daniel Binswanger

Issue 128 January–February 2010


Life as an artist, writer or curator in an occupied city – the administrative capital of the Palestinian National Authority in the central West Bank by Khaled Hourani, T.Z. Toukan and Daniel Miller

Issue 124 June-August 2009


Despite the decline of Ireland’s ‘Celtic Tiger’ economy, Dublin’s artist-run and institutional spaces are thriving by Brian Dillon and Maeve Connolly

Issue 122 April 2009

Tel Aviv

Israel’s second largest city is known as ‘the bubble’ for its air of detachment from political turmoil, its hedonism, cosmopolitanism and vibrant art scene by Nuit Banai, Eyal Danon and Galit Eilat

Issue 119 November-December 2008


Despite massive problems including organized crime, a chaotic infrastructure and an inability to deal with its rubbish, Naples offers much in the way of a thriving contemporary art scene, breathtaking architecture and extraordinary food by Jörg Heiser, Mario Codognato and Pádraig Timoney

Issue 117 September 2008


With recently opened retrospectives of the work of Pierre Huyghe at the Centre Pompidou and Philippe Parreno at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris is firmly on the art map this winter. In our 2008 city report Vivian Sky Rehberg and Cristina Ricupero reported on the cities thriving smaller and independent spaces. Have times changed? by Vivian Rehberg and Cristina Ricupero

Issue 115 May 2008


From frontier town to multicultural metropolis, the second-largest Australian city embraces a grass-roots approach to culture that weaves the experience of contemporary art into everyday life by Max Delany and Nicola Harvey

Issue 112 January-February 2008


Why have so many foreign artists moved to the Belgian capital? Is it the cheap rents and sardonic humour, Art Nouveau treasures and postwar architectural eyesores – or the fact that it spent much of 2007 without a government? by Aaron Schuster and Vivian Rehberg

Issue 108 June-August 2007

São Paulo

São Paulo city report by Ana Paula Cohen and James Trainor

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