Category: Focus

Issue 169

In Focus: Emma HartRegistered only

Being betrayed by the body by Colin Perry

Issue 169

In Focus: Sam LewittSubscriber only

Material production and the march of history by Joseph Akel

Issue 169

In Focus: Liu ChuangRegistered only

Cold portraits and warm-hearted annotations by Paul Teasdale

Issue 168

In Focus: Lucy Stein

Painting on the brink of hysteria by Charlie Fox

Issue 168

In Focus: Alisa Baremboym

Leaky flesh, soft machines and broken systems by Laura McLean-Ferris

Issue 168

In Focus: Anna Ostoya

Mining historical works for new conceptual paths by Ara H. Merjian

Issue 167 November-December 2014

In Focus: Oscar Santillan

‘Civilizations of the jaguar’, vacuum cleaners and the human body by Timotheus Vermeulen

Issue 167 November-December 2014

In Focus: Rachel Reupke

Taking stock of stock images by Dan Kidner

Issue 166 October 2014

In Focus: Katja Novitskova

Silicon wafer weapons and Mars missions by Kirsty Bell

Issue 166 October 2014

In Focus: Tamara Henderson

Films and installations from the depths of the unconscious by Josefine Wikström

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