Category: Focus

Issue 173

In Focus: Celia HemptonRegistered only

Painting, nudes and chatrooms by Matthew McLean

Issue 173

In Focus: Nevin AladağSubscriber only

The city plays itself by Andreas Schlaegel

Issue 172

In Focus: Alice Theobald

Acting, therapy, song and humour by Jonathan P. Watts

Issue 172

In Focus: Yngve Holen

Reformulating the human body in the age of mass digitization by Pablo Larios

Issue 172

In Focus: Kevin Beasley

Sculpture, field recordings and the ghosts of dead rappers by Andy Battaglia

Issue 171 May 2015

In Focus: Jesse Darling

Undivided selves by Ellen Mara De Wachter

Issue 171 May 2015

In Focus: Max Hooper Schneider

Imagining a world without humans by Ed Schad

Issue 171 May 2015

In Focus: Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

From stick insects to rhombuses: working between the organic and the geometric by Sergio Delgado Moya

Issue 170 April 2015

In Focus: Julien Prévieux

Working for the man, or machine by Vivian Sky Rehberg

Issue 170 April 2015

In Focus: Laura Aldridge

Containers, collaboration and perception by Matthew McLean

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