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Issue 174 October 2015

Nathalie du Pasquier: My Influences

The French artist Nathalie du Pasquier recollects the people, images and places that have shaped her career by Nathalie du Pasquier

Issue 166 October 2014

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard: My Influences

From the cover of an Adam Ant album to Lindsay Anderson’s films, Samuel Beckett’s plays, Nick Cave’s music and Bruce Nauman’s videos, the artists and filmmakers discuss the evolution of their artistic imaginations by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard

Issue 164 June-August 2014

Liliane Lijn: My Influences

From conversations with friends including André Breton, William Burroughs and Caresse Crosby, to studying astronomy, physics and the Greek myths, Liliane Lijn discusses the evolution of her pictorial language by Liliane Lijn

Issue 163 May 2014

Paloma Varga Weisz: My Influences

From her father’s illustrations of Jean Cocteau’s poetry to Lucas Cranach, Giorgio de Chirico and Gerhard Merz, the German artist discusses the evolution of her pictorial language and Jennifer Higgie responds to her ‘heart-breaking hallucinations’ by Jennifer Higgie

Issue 158 October 2013

Philippe Parreno: My Influences

Jennifer Higgie interviews the artist at his Paris studio

Issue 155 May 2013

Helen Marten: My Influences

The artist discusses skeuomorphism, skins and soup by Helen Marten

Issue 153 March 2013

Alexandra Bachzetsis: My Influences

Artist, performer and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis on the things that have inspired her own work by Alexandra Bachzetsis

Issue 152 January-February 2013

Eli Sudbrack: My Influences

Eli Sudbrack of assume vivid astro focus writes about the people, places and artists that have influences his collaborative multimedia practice by Eli Sudbrack

Issue 150 October 2012

Geta Brătescu: My Influences

I have been influenced by the authority of art. Everything that I’ve seen in museums or cathedrals on my travels – in Italy, Greece, Germany, France, the UK and Denmark – has had an impact on me through the incontrovertible truth of its imagery. In other words, a drawing (whose authority lies in the drawing) cannot be contradicted.

Issue 148 June-August 2012

Chris Kraus: My Influences

In a new series, Chris Kraus talks to her long-time friend and editor Hedi El Kholti about the books, authors and landscapes that have influenced her as a writer and filmmaker by Chris Kraus and Hedi El Kholti

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