Category: Picture Piece

Issue 175 November-December 2015

Picture Piece: Roland Barthes, ActorSubscriber only

Roland Barthes’s only acting performance by Derek Horton

Issue 173 September 2015

Picture Piece: Video Game Photography

Video Game Photography by James Bridle

Issue 172 June–August 2015

Picture Piece: Max Headroom

Max Headroom by Matthew Noel-Tod

Issue 171 May 2015

Picture Piece: When the Rolling Stones met James Brown

When the Rolling Stones met James Brown by Jonathan Lethem

Issue 170 April 2015

Picture Piece: Australia’s Big Things

The Big Pineapple by Chloe Hooper

Issue 168 January-February 2015

Picture Piece: Bank of Georgia Headquarters

Bank of Georgia Headquarters by Sam Thorne

Issue 167 November-December 2014

Picture Piece: Egyptian Desert Cinema

Egyptian Desert Cinema by Sukhdev Sandhu

Issue 166 October 2014

Picture Piece

The Audium by Geeta Dayal

Issue 165 September 2014

Picture Piece

Patrick Caulfield's Gravestone by George Pendle

Issue 164 June-August 2014

Picture Piece: Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau in Soho by Jennifer Higgie

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