Category: Picture Piece

Issue 164

Picture Piece: Jean CocteauRegistered only

Jean Cocteau in Soho by Jennifer Higgie

Issue 163

Picture Piece: Beaverworld

Beaverworld by Aaron Angell

Issue 162

Picture Piece: Janine Janet

Janine Janet’s sculptural creations for Balenciaga’s windows by Erik Morse

Issue 161

Picture Piece: Cybersyn, Chile 1971-73

Photograph of Cybersyn, Salvador Allende's attempt to create a 'socialist internet, decades ahead of its time'

Issue 159

Picture Piece: Edward Snowden’s destroyed hard drive

Photograph of destroyed computer parts said to have contained files leaked by Edward Snowden, published by the Guardian by Henrik Olesen

Issue 158 October 2013

Picture Piece: ‘The Three Keatons’

Buster Keaton’s family vaudeville act by Charlie Fox

Issue 157 September 2013

Picture Piece

The Washington, D.C. Metro by George Pendle

Issue 156 June-August 2013

Picture Piece: The Cubies’ ABC

The Cubies' ABC - a 1913 children's book by Jennifer Higgie

Issue 155 May 2013

Picture Piece: Joe Orton’s bedroom

The Islington bedroom where the playright was bludgeoned to death by Ilsa Colsell

Issue 154 April 2013

Picture Piece: Vicente B. Ballestar

The pulp paintings of  Vicente B. Ballestar by Sarah Khan

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