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Issue 167 November-December 2014

Questionnaire: Anna Maria Maiolino

Q What could you imagine doing if you didn’t do what you do? A Drifting on a boat. by Anna Maria Maiolino

Issue 165 September 2014

Questionnaire: Barbara Kruger

Q: What do you wish you knew? A: How to answer questions in a complex, honest and clever way. by Barbara Kruger

Issue 164 June-August 2014

Questionnaire: Sue Tompkins

Q: What was the first poem you remember reading? A: Beowulf, at school.  by Sue Tompkins

Issue 159 November-December 2013

Questionnaire: Hito Steyerl

Q: If you could live with only one piece of art, what would it be? A: Why should I live with an art work?

Issue 158 October 2013

Questionnaire: Raimundas Malašauskas

What image keeps you company in the space where you work? The window

Issue 157 September 2013

Questionnaire: Camille Henrot

Q: What do you like the look of? A: People’s faces when they are very surprised.

Issue 156 June-August 2013

Questionnaire: Dayanita Singh

Q: What is art for? A: To escape.

Issue 155 May 2013

Questionnaire: Lara Almarcegui

Q: What is your favourite title of an art work? A: An Oak Tree (1973) by Michael Craig-Martin, where a glass of water becomes an oak tree just by mentioning it. Completely magical, poetic and funny. An artist with power.

Issue 154 April 2013

Questionnaire: Gerard Byrne

Q: What should change? A: Deregulated global financial systems, obviously. Nothing else would have quite the same impact on the prospects of so many people.

Issue 153 March 2013

Questionnaire: Laure Prouvost

Q: What music are you listening to? A: The very best of Italian pop songs. I'm back from six months in Italy - ciao Italia! by Laure Prouvost

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