Category: Questionnaire

Issue 157 September 2013

Questionnaire: Camille Henrot

What do you like the look of? People’s faces when they are very surprised.

Issue 156 June-August 2013

Questionnaire: Dayanita Singh

Q: What is art for? A: To escape.

Issue 155 May 2013

Questionnaire: Lara Almarcegui

Q: What is your favourite title of an art work? A: An Oak Tree (1973) by Michael Craig-Martin, where a glass of water becomes an oak tree just by mentioning it. Completely magical, poetic and funny. An artist with power.

Issue 154 April 2013

Questionnaire: Gerard Byrne

Q: What should change? A: Deregulated global financial systems, obviously. Nothing else would have quite the same impact on the prospects of so many people.

Issue 153 March 2013

Questionnaire: Laure Prouvost

Q: What music are you listening to? A: The very best of Italian pop songs. I'm back from six months in Italy - ciao Italia! by Laure Prouvost

Issue 152 January-February 2013

Questionnaire: Jonas Mekas

Q. What should stay the same? A. Clean air, clean earth, clean water. by Jonas Mekas

Issue 149 September 2012

Renata Lucas

What is art for? Perhaps it’s one of the few things left that allows us to declare that we don’t fit the given standards. by Renata Lucas

Issue 148 June-August 2012

Amalia Pica

Q: What is art for? A: It’s a way of resisting the lack of meaning in things, a desperate attempt to make sense of how random and absurd the world is — and it’s also a way of celebrating exactly that. by Amalia Pica

Issue 143 November-December 2011

Questionnaire: Alfredo Jaar

What is art for? Art is like the air we breathe. Nietzsche said that life without music would be a mistake. A life without art would be unlivable. Art is life. by Alfredo Jaar

Issue 142 October 2011

Questionnaire: Yayoi Kusama

What should stay the same? Peace and love among the people.

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