07 MAY 20

FAQs: Frieze Viewing Room VIP Preview

View answers to frequently asked questions about accessing and exploring Frieze Viewing Room as a Frieze VIP

07 MAY 20 in FAQs: Frieze Viewing Room VIP Preview

What is the Frieze Viewing Room?
Frieze Viewing Room is a new digital initiative that will launch with an online edition of Frieze New York. The mobile app and web-based platform will be live to the public May 8–15, 2020, with an invitation-only preview May 6–7, and will offer visitors the opportunity to enter over 200 virtual viewing room spaces.

Who will have access to the Frieze Viewing Room?
The Frieze Viewing Room will be accessible to invited VIP audiences on Wednesday May 6 and Thursday May 7, followed by a public opening to registered users from May 8–15.

What time will Frieze Viewing Room be open to VIPs and public audiences?
VIPs and public audiences will be able to access Frieze Viewing Room at the following times:
Wednesday May 6 VIP Preview: 10am EST
Thursday May 7 VIP Preview: 11am EST
Friday May 8 public opening: 11am EST
Friday May 15 closing: 7pm EST

How do I access the Frieze Viewing Room?
Click here to enter the Viewing Room you will need to register and enter the unique VIP password you've been sent if applicable, or log in once you are registered.

Where can I download the app?
Our Frieze Viewing Room App can be downloaded from the App Store here. Please note it is only currently available to iOS users. 

What if I can’t find my password or didn’t receive one?
if you are a Frieze VIP and didn't receive an email containing your VIP password, please email vip@frieze.com

How many people do VIP Preview Invitations allow access to the Frieze Viewing Room for?
Each unique password will allow for one VIP account to be created and is associated with one unique email address.

Why am I in the waiting room?
The waiting room is a digital holding room. You will have full access to the Viewing Room depending on your access time.

How do I use the search for galleries or artworks?
You can use the search function to search by galleries, sections or geographies, and artworks by artist, price or medium.

How are the galleries organized?
Each gallery has their own dedicated viewing room displaying up to 30 artworks, alongside information on the work and artist.

Where do I find the price of the artworks?
The price of an artwork is listed on each artworks page. Please note that not all works will have listed prices and are at the discretion of the gallery.

How do I contact the gallery to make an inquiry about an artwork?
To make an inquiry about a specific artwork, navigate to the artwork’s page and select the ‘Inquiry’ button. A notification email will be automatically sent to the gallery and will include your name and registered email so that the gallery can reply to you directly.

Is Frieze involved in the sales transaction?
Frieze is not involved in the sales transactions, transactions happens directly between the gallery and the collector once they have been put in touch via the inquiry function.

How will Frieze protect your data?
Frieze treats the protection of personal and confidential information with the highest priority. All our data is stored securely, and we never share any acquired or entrusted information with anyone outside the organization without the express permission of the original owner of that information. Please read our privacy policy here and refer to the Terms of Use of Frieze Viewing room here.

I need help, who do I contact?
If you'd like to contact us, please use our contact form.