Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon is a writer. His latest book Affinities: On Art and Fascination will be published in spring 2023 by the New York Review of Books and Fitzcarraldo Editions, London. He is working on a book about Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love.

the Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK

BY Brian Dillon | 13 FEB 16

Claire-Louise Bennett, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Niamh O’Malley: Brian Dillon shares his highlights from 2015

BY Brian Dillon | 16 DEC 15

Brian Dillon considers the 'monstrous homunculi' of Enrico David

BY Brian Dillon | 25 SEP 15

The fate of postwar murals in the UK

BY Brian Dillon | 27 APR 15

The life and legacy of the wildly inventive choreographer and performer Loie Fuller

BY Brian Dillon | 30 SEP 14

Brian Dillon is a writer and critic, and UK editor of Cabinet magazine. He is the curator of the touring show ‘Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing’, which tours to Newlyn & The Exchange, Penzance (25 January – 26 April). A collection of his essays, Objects in This Mirror, was published recently by Sternberg Press.

BY Brian Dillon | 07 JAN 14

On teaching criticism and ‘art writing’

BY Brian Dillon | 19 OCT 13

There is a resurgence of interest in the essay, with collections by Jonathan Lethem, John Jeremiah Sullivan and the first biography of David Foster Wallace all published this year. Is it possible to define a form that stretches from Michel de Montaigne to Wayne Koestenbaum, from Virginia Woolf to Chris Marker? Brian Dillon surveys this enigmatic field, and asks whether this centuries-old tradition might be the genre of the future

BY Brian Dillon | 01 NOV 12

Brian Dillon visits art historian and novelist Marina Warner to talk about the art, books and objects that have shaped her thinking

BY Brian Dillon | 30 SEP 12

The fourth novel from New York-based writer Ben Marcus is a powerful allegory about language

BY Brian Dillon | 01 FEB 12

From the failures of Roland Barthes to the joys of sustained looking, four new publications on photography

BY Brian Dillon | 01 NOV 11

Cork International Airport

BY Brian Dillon | 29 MAR 11

Tate Modern, London, UK

BY Brian Dillon | 01 SEP 10

Memory, exile and cultural heritage in the films of Fiona Tan

BY Brian Dillon | 01 JUN 10

Tracing the history of ruins in art, from 18th-century painting to 21st-century film

BY Brian Dillon | 01 APR 10

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

BY Brian Dillon | 01 JAN 10

Giorgio Agamben, trans. David Kishik and Stefan Pedatella (Stanford University Press, 2009)

BY Brian Dillon | 17 SEP 09