Sarah James

Sarah James is an art historian and writer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Her next book Paper Revolutions: An Invisible Avant-Garde, is forthcoming from MIT Press

A major retrospective at Dresden’s Albertinum sheds new light on the artist’s relationship with his hometown

BY Sarah James | 23 JAN 20

A survey of Germany’s unification events, from David Hasselhoff to Hito Steyerl

BY Sarah James | 05 NOV 19

From international newspapers to the artist’s personal image archive, an exhibition at K21, Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf, examines the mass of information and its impact on agency

BY Sarah James | 24 SEP 19

In curator Susanne Pfeffer’s latest, ‘Museum’ speaks to our moment of funding scandals, museum protests and social media outrage

BY Sarah James | 27 AUG 19

Kasper reflects on a world in which everyone is a critic, every space a studio

BY Sarah James | 11 JUN 19

A rare view of Laurie Parsons’s work at Germany’s Museum Abteiberg provides space to reflect on art and social engagement

BY Sarah James | 25 MAR 19

A retrospective at Städel Museum, Frankfurt, sheds new light on the op artist's experimental styles 

BY Sarah James | 11 DEC 18

Various venues, Folkestone, UK

BY Sarah James | 20 SEP 17
BY Sarah James | 06 JUN 14
BY Sarah James | 17 OCT 13
BY Sarah James | 15 JUN 13

From his early Dada and Surrealist photomontages to his later New York fashion shoots, Erwin Blumenfeld insistently parodied objects of desire

BY Sarah James | 29 MAR 13

Harry Pye selects interesting but under-exposed artists to take part in an exhibition series at L-13

BY Sarah James | 06 SEP 11

Akademie der Kunste

BY Sarah James | 01 SEP 11

Various Venues, UK

BY Sarah James | 01 NOV 10

Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany

BY Sarah James | 01 SEP 09

IBID Projects, London, UK

BY Sarah James | 05 MAY 09