Frieze Viewing Room
New York 2021 Edition
May 5 - 14, 2021


What time will Frieze Viewing Room be open to VIPs and public audiences?   
VIPs and public audiences will be able to access Frieze Viewing Room at the following times:  
Wednesday 7 October, VIP Preview: 12pm BST   
Thursday 8 October, VIP Preview: 12pm BST  
Friday 9 October, Public Opening: 12pm BST   

When does Frieze Viewing Room close?  
The Frieze Viewing Room closes on Friday 16 October at midnight BST. 

When does registration open?  
Registrations for Frieze Viewing Room are now open. Log in and start exploring the exceptional presentations from leading international galleries spanning the ancient era to today's most exciting artists. If you haven't already created an account, create your new permanent account so you can access the Viewing Room. Click here to register now.  

What is the waiting room?  
The waiting room is a digital holding room. It will open on 30 September for you to sign in and start planning your visit. You will be able to see the full exhibitor list and create your own personalised list of galleries to visit. 

How are the galleries organised?  
Each gallery has their own dedicated viewing room displaying artworks, alongside information on the works and artists.   

Where do I find the price of the artworks?  
The price of an artwork is listed on each artworks page. Please note that not all works will have listed prices. This is at the discretion of the gallery.    

What is the ‘Sign the Book’ feature?  
The ‘Sign the Book’ feature informs a gallery that you have visited their viewing room, so that they can keep in touch with you.  

How do I contact the gallery to make an inquiry about an artwork?  
To make an inquiry about a specific artwork, navigate to the artwork’s page and select the ‘Inquiry’ button. A notification email will be automatically sent to the gallery and will include your name and registered email so that the gallery can reply to you directly. If the gallery is online, you will be able to contact them via our new Live Chat function on the gallery page.   

Is Frieze involved in the sales transaction?  
Frieze is not involved in the sales transactions. Transactions happen directly between the gallery and the collector once they have been put in touch via the inquiry function.   

What is the Frieze Viewing Room App?   
To enhance your viewing room experience, download the Frieze Viewing Room App and look at artworks to-scale in the space of your own home, using augmented reality. The App is available for download now. 

Frieze Viewing Room, hosting Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2020 editions, is now open until Friday 16 October, midnight BST.
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