in Frieze New York Preview: Matthew Brannon | 24 APR 18

Frieze New York Preview: Matthew Brannon

Ahead of their debut dispay at Frieze New York next week, the artist discusses his new meticulously constructed silkscreens, exploring the imagery of Vietnam War

in Frieze New York Preview: Matthew Brannon | 24 APR 18

Matthew Brannon shows a new series of ephemera-sourced paintings, chronicling the political and cultural narratives of a complex history, with Casey Kaplan in the main section of Frieze New York 2018. Brannon’s graphic style lends itself to a visual deconstruction of decisions made and fallouts endured between the years of 1954 and 1973. With traditional silkscreen printing techniques as well as hand-painting, the artist layers hundreds of screens in an intricate network of overlapping and boldly colored objects. Image and language intersect in evocations of dual meanings and underlying narrative.

Frieze New York 2018 takes place May 4—6, with Preview Days on May 2 and 3. Tickets are available here.