Xenia Benivolski

Xenia Benivolski curates, writes and lectures about visual art and music. She is curator of the e-flux project You Can’t Trust Music.

An interview with the filmmaker on how to reconfigure our relationship with siren sounds away from catastrophe towards collectivity and care

BY Xenia Benivolski AND Aura Satz |

At MOCA Toronto, a triennial explores the cultural milieu of a city increasingly troubled by gentrification and real-estate development

BY Xenia Benivolski |

At Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens, the artist’s multimedia works communicate the visual language where immigrant, queer and artist communities overlap

BY Xenia Benivolski |

At Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, the multi-panel paintings and prints confront notions of subjecthood through theories of the subconscious

BY Xenia Benivolski |