Frieze welcomes you to Seoul!

Seoul is the historic, cutting edge, fast-paced capital city of South Korea, comprised of 25 districts. Split by the Han River, Gangnam (literally meaning ‘south of the river’) is full of skyscrapers and start-ups, while, to the north, downtown Seoul is dotted with traditional palaces and fortress walls, parts of which date back to the early Joseon Dynasty of the 14th century.

This guide will provide you with recommendations to fill your week in Seoul with art, life, food, culture and history.

Explore Some of Seoul's Districts Near COEX
  • Abundance of department stores, trendy restaurants, cafes and bars

  • The name Gang (river) nam (South) translates to South of the river

Samseong COEX at Samseong


  • Concrete Jungle, offices, professional environment

  • COEX complex: Convention & Exhibition Center (Frieze Seoul) and Starfield COEX Mall

Gangnam Station Gangnam Station area

Gangnam Station

  • Area that Seoulites most often refer to as Gangnam

  • Various Entertainment such as restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, shops and cinemas

Cheongdam & Apgujeong Apgujeong Rodeo area in Cheongdam/Apgujeong

Cheongdam & Apgujeong

  • Generally viewed as one area, right beneath the Han river

  • Trendy restaurants, bars and nightlife

  • A rich assortment of restaurants featured on the Michelin Guide Seoul 2022

Sinsa Garosu-gil street in Sinsa


  • Similar to Cheongdam & Apgujeong with a wide variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife

  • Streets with various branded stores and stalls that sell small items and jewellery

  • Comprised of adjacent areas Itaewon and Hannam that offer very different atmospheres

  • Rich selection of restaurants, bars and nightlife

Itaewon Night life at Itaewon


  • Bustling area focused on food and nightlife

  • Known for its international crowd

  • Wide range of local and foreign restaurants, pubs and bars

Hannam Cafe street in Hannam


  • Modern and sophisticated with well-curated galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars

  • Fusion of old, low buildings with new and polished interiors

  • Mainly known for Jamsil, a residential and professional area

  • Offers an abundance of shopping and entertainment

Jamsil Lotte World in Jamsil


  • From residential area to shopping & entertainment hub

  • Lotte World Mall and Lotte World, world's largest indoor theme park

Jung-gu & Jongno
  • Jongno and Jung-gu are generally grouped together

  • Heart of art, history and culture; a prominent business centre

  • Food range from high end restaurants to hole-in-the-wall restaurants

Myeong-dong Myeong-dong shopping street


  • Shopping hub with department stores, fashion boutiques and cosmetics stores

  • International and local restaurants, street food vendors

Euljiro Streets in Euljiro


  • Trendy and artistic area also known as 'hip'jiro

  • Art galleries and trendy and unique restaurants and bars

  • A blend of modern shops and aged supply stores

Dongdaemun View of Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)


  • Korea's largest retail and wholesale shopping district

  • Known for Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), designed by architect Zaha Hadid

Sicheong View of Gwanghwamun gate of Gyeongbokgung palace

Sicheong (City Hall)

  • Sicheong is the Korean name of 'city hall'

  • Known for the city hall building and Seoul Plaza (서울광장)

Ikseon Alleyway of Ikseon-dong

Ikseon-dong & Insa-dong

  • Traditional art, art galleries, antique pieces, woodcraft, etc.

  • Assortment of local restaurants and traditional teahouses, often set in Korean traditional houses

Gang View of Gwanghwamun gate of Gyeongbokgung palace


  • Heart of art, history, culture and traditions in Seoul

  • Royal palaces

Gahoe View of Gwanghwamun gate of Gyeongbokgung palace


  • On the right of Gwanghwamun, full of art, history and culture

  • Ideal for museum and gallery hopping

  • Charming villages with Korean traditional houses

  • Mainly known for Seongsu-dong, an up and coming neighbourhood

  • Home to some of the most modern and trendy locations in Seoul

Seongdong Streets of Seongsu-dong


  • Known as Seoul's Brooklyn, relatively less known to foreigners and visitors

  • Trendy restaurants and cafes in buildings that were once small factories

  • Transformed by young artists and designers in recent years

  • Home to several universities with a youthful ambience

  • Wide range of shops, unique cafes and restaurants

Hongdae Streets of Hongdae


  • Near Hongik University, known for Hongdae club district

  • Known for its urban arts and indie music culture, local shops, nightlife and entertainment

  • Streets filled with buskers and dance performances

Yeonam Yeontral Park, name inspired by Central Park, in Hongdae


  • Blocks away from Hongdae

  • Alleyways with cafes and eateries, artisan boutiques, indie bookshops, etc.

  • Transformed by young creatives, the area has gone from a quiet residential area to once that is youthful and trendy


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