in Frieze | 08 OCT 17

Into Focus: Rob Tufnell

With a new space in London, the gallerist who joins Focus this year

in Frieze | 08 OCT 17

Your space is in Lambeth in South London. Why did you choose this neighbourhood?
It’s relatively central and yet affordable, hosts other good galleries and also has an important heritage. Both Henry Moore and William Blake had studios in the vicinity and, in the 17th century, the first public museum in the UK, the Tradescants' Ark was close by off South Lambeth Road.

Your other gallery is in Cologne. How would you compare the city's art scene to that in London?
There’s a bigger audience in London but there are also more galleries and museums and so more competition for people’s time. Cologne is a smaller city but people are generally better informed and travel further to see exhibitions. In Cologne people want to see exhibitions. In London people are often content to look at exhibitions online.

Does your gallery have a specific focus or mission?
No. If anything its mission is to not have a focus.

Edward Kay, The Sunlight on the Chimney, 2017, oil on linen, 46 x 36cm. Courtesy of Rob Tufnell

Tell us about your presentation for Focus
I am showing new paintings by Edward Kay, a technically brilliant artist highly regarded by his peers. It is his first major public presentation in a while and so has been eagerly anticipated by his supporters.

Which other galleries and artists you are excited to see at Frieze London?
Many galleries and many artists. Steven Claydon at Sadie Coles; Mike Nelson at Franco Noero; Cathy Wilkes at the Modern Institute; Liz Craft at Truth and Consequences… and loads of others.