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The British designer discusses the importance of sculpture, sound and archives to her practice

BY Andrew Durbin | 15 SEP 23

Berlin-based DJ and educator Gizem Adiyaman breaks down the evolution of the genre in Germany

BY Gouri Sharma AND Gizem Adiyaman | 14 SEP 23

Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters, introduces rare manuscripts and works by Dan Flavin and Yun Hyong-keun

09 SEP 23

The AIDS Plays Project re-stages theatrical works by playwrights such as Charles Ludlam and Robert Chesley

BY Sam Moore | 08 SEP 23

Interview with Director of Frieze Seoul, Pat Lee, learn more about the many vibrant aspects that make Seoul a great city

07 SEP 23

The Seoul-based private collector and her husband have brought showstopping works to Incheon’s Paradise City resort. She discusses female artists and her hopes for the Korean scene

BY Elizabeth Chun AND Matthew McLean | 07 SEP 23

Based on first-person testimony, the experimental hybrid opera-film explores class, censorship and how conflict and trauma are depicted

BY Juliet Jacques | 18 AUG 23

Tom Jeffreys speaks with the festival director ahead of her first edition in charge of the programme

BY Tom Jeffreys | 10 AUG 23

Fernanda Brenner speaks to the artist about the way her work entangles different times, stories and locations

BY Fernanda Brenner AND Sonia Gomes | 09 AUG 23

Famous for her screenprints of the 1960s and ’70s, the artist is the subject of a new book that reconsiders a lesser-known aspect of her multifaceted practice

BY Jordan Weitzman AND Andrew Durbin | 02 AUG 23

The Kunstverein München director discusses the past and the future of one of Germany’s oldest art associations

BY Maurin Dietrich AND Angel Lambo | 31 JUL 23

The director of Vauxhall’s Gasworks gallery shares his neighbourhood highlights, and reveals community spaces, green museums and innovative arts venues

20 JUL 23

The film director speaks about trilogies, COVID-19 lockdowns and his Protestant work ethic

BY Edward Frumkin AND Christian Petzold | 14 JUL 23

The Golden Lion-winning choreographer on continuing to learn from her body

BY Emily May | 13 JUL 23

The newly appointed curator of Indigenous Art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art shares her thoughts on what it means to decolonize arts institutions

BY Terence Trouillot AND Darienne Turner | 04 JUL 23

The artist and theorist share their thoughts on their intellectual work of interrogating legacies of slavery and anti-Black violence

BY Torkwase Dyson AND Christina Sharpe | 23 JUN 23

Milena Khomchenko and Clemens Poole on a show of Ukrainian art they co-curated with artist and activist Yulia Krivich


BY Milena Khomchenko AND Clemens Poole | 21 JUN 23

The artist brought together a moving chorus of vocalists in a meditation on desire, mourning, pleasure, and pain, for this year's Frieze Projects program in New York 

13 JUN 23

The recently appointed curator of the Midwestern US institution shares how her interdisciplinary background has prepared her for her new position

BY Marko Gluhaich AND Rosario Güiraldes | 09 JUN 23