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Dreamlike landscapes and eerie memories weave together, forming a captivating blend of the past and present at London’s GRIMM Gallery

BY Tom Morton |

At Galerie Karin Günther, Hamburg, the artist’s minimal works embrace a phenomenological approach to artmaking

BY Oriane Durand |

At Bernheim, Zurich, the artist’s alter-ego, Fatebe, confidently splits herself between time zones, cities and hemispheres

BY Krzysztof Kościuczuk |

At The Brant Foundation in New York, the artist’s installation is like a fever dream that can’t be switched off

BY Chris Murtha |

The artist’s debut solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery in London features a compelling mix of objects, tapestries and installations, creating ritualistic compositions from an array of material

BY Vaishna Surjid |

At Ulrik, New York, despatialized scenes question the nature of perception

BY Drew Zeiba |

At Den Frie, Copenhagen, the artist deconstructs the genre’s archetypes to disarming effect

BY Alice Godwin |

At Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, the artist challenges views of history as clear, singular and conclusive

BY Jennifer Piejko |

At Fondation Pernod Ricard in Paris, David Douard curates a show featuring 13 artists that frames collective practice as something sticky and uneasy

BY Dylan Huw |

At the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, the artist critiques moral panics around childhood

BY Grace Byron |

At Moderna Museet, Stockholm, the artist’s sprawling retrospective celebrates self-proclaimed ‘sexual repulsives and freaks’

BY Matthew Rana |

At Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles, crystal-encrusted structures highlight organic transformation

BY Jessica Simmons-Reid |

Her first solo exhibition in Europe since 1975 at Xavier Hufkens demonstrates that her paintings continue to challenge contemporary perceptions of sexuality and agency 

BY Hettie Judah |

In a new exhibition at Perrotin, Paris, the artist's ethereal paintings lure the viewer into a realm of nostalgic escapism

BY Ren Ebel |

At the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, the artist creates a constellation of living memory for her first solo institutional show in Brazil

BY Terence Trouillot |

At carlier | gebauer, Berlin, the artist’s solo exhibition requires viewer’s attentive engagement

BY Louisa Elderton |

At Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna, the artist draws a line from the plantation to the stage

BY Max L. Feldman |

A series of monochrome photos at Soft Opening, London, allows viewers to peek into Berlin porn cinemas, offering only slight hints of the people inside

BY Emily Steer |

At Maxwell Graham, New York, the artist's new videos focus on stories just outside the frame

BY Madeleine Seidel |

In a new series of paintings at White Cube Masons Yard, the artist interrogates the political and social subjugation of women’s bodies down to the bone

BY Kimi Zarate-Smith |