Rahel Aima

Rahel Aima is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York, and is special projects editor at The New Inquiry. She tweets @cnqmdi

At SculptureCenter, a recent survey takes a narrow look at the artist’s career, focusing on his tech-inspired works from the 1980s and ’90s

BY Rahel Aima | 11 JAN 21

Two concurrent shows at the Bronx Museum and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, track the artist’s career and ‘chopped-and-screwed’ process of reimagining art history

BY Rahel Aima | 03 DEC 20

A beautifully spare presentation at Lomex, New York, uses a tangle of haberdashery-esque materials to invoke transcedent scenes

BY Rahel Aima | 06 AUG 18

From hobnobbing with Oprah to championing new art centres, millennial crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is following a well-trodden path

BY Rahel Aima | 02 MAY 18

The Third Line, Dubai, UAE

BY Rahel Aima | 09 MAY 17

What the re-creation of Palmyra's Triumphal Arch in New York and London says about shared cultural identities

BY Rahel Aima | 18 MAR 16