Frieze welcomes you to Seoul!

Seoul is the historic, cutting edge, fast-paced capital city of South Korea, comprised of 25 districts. Some of the main districts located closer to COEX in Gangnam-gu for Frieze Seoul are Yongsan-gu, Songpa-gu, Jung-gu, Jongno-gu, Seongdong-gu and Mapo-gu.

We recommend visitors to explore these districts as they are abundant in art, life, food, culture and history.

This guide will provide you with recommendations for navigation, transportation, museums & galleries, history & culture, leisure & entertainment, restaurants & bars, food markets and helpful tips to assist you during your stay. 

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Explore Some of Seoul's Districts Near COEX
  • Abundance of department stores, trendy restaurants, cafes and bars

  • The name Gang (river) nam (South) translates to South of the river

Samseong COEX at Samseong


  • Concrete Jungle, offices, professional environment

  • COEX complex: Convention & Exhibition Center (Frieze Seoul) and Starfield COEX Mall

Gangnam Station Gangnam Station area

Gangnam Station

  • Area that Seoulites most often refer to as Gangnam

  • Various Entertainment such as restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, shops and cinemas

Cheongdam & Apgujeong Apgujeong Rodeo area in Cheongdam/Apgujeong

Cheongdam & Apgujeong

  • Generally viewed as one area, right beneath the Han river

  • Trendy restaurants, bars and nightlife

  • A rich assortment of restaurants featured on the Michelin Guide Seoul 2022

Sinsa Garosu-gil street in Sinsa


  • Similar to Cheongdam & Apgujeong with a wide variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife

  • Streets with various branded stores and stalls that sell small items and jewellery

  • Comprised of adjacent areas Itaewon and Hannam that offer very different atmospheres

  • Rich selection of restaurants, bars and nightlife

Itaewon Night life at Itaewon


  • Bustling area focused on food and nightlife

  • Known for its international crowd

  • Wide range of local and foreign restaurants, pubs and bars

Hannam Cafe street in Hannam


  • Modern and sophisticated with well-curated galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars

  • Fusion of old, low buildings with new and polished interiors

  • Mainly known for Jamsil, a residential and professional area

  • Offers an abundance of shopping and entertainment

Jamsil Lotte World in Jamsil


  • From residential area to shopping & entertainment hub

  • Lotte World Mall and Lotte World, world's largest indoor theme park

Jung-gu & Jongno
  • Jongno and Jung-gu are generally grouped together

  • Heart of art, history and culture; a prominent business centre

  • Food range from high end restaurants to hole-in-the-wall restaurants

Myeong-dong Myeong-dong shopping street


  • Shopping hub with department stores, fashion boutiques and cosmetics stores

  • International and local restaurants, street food vendors

Euljiro Streets in Euljiro


  • Trendy and artistic area also known as 'hip'jiro

  • Art galleries and trendy and unique restaurants and bars

  • A blend of modern shops and aged supply stores

Dongdaemun View of Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)


  • Korea's largest retail and wholesale shopping district

  • Known for Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), designed by architect Zaha Hadid

Sicheong View of Gwanghwamun gate of Gyeongbokgung palace

Sicheong (City Hall)

  • Sicheong is the Korean name of 'city hall'

  • Known for the city hall building and Seoul Plaza (서울광장)

Ikseon Alleyway of Ikseon-dong

Ikseon-dong & Insa-dong

  • Traditional art, art galleries, antique pieces, woodcraft, etc.

  • Assortment of local restaurants and traditional teahouses, often set in Korean traditional houses

Gang View of Gwanghwamun gate of Gyeongbokgung palace


  • Heart of art, history, culture and traditions in Seoul

  • Royal palaces

Gahoe View of Gwanghwamun gate of Gyeongbokgung palace


  • On the right of Gwanghwamun, full of art, history and culture

  • Ideal for museum and gallery hopping

  • Charming villages with Korean traditional houses

  • Mainly known for Seongsu-dong, an up and coming neighbourhood

  • Home to some of the most modern and trendy locations in Seoul

Seongdong Streets of Seongsu-dong


  • Known as Seoul's Brooklyn, relatively less known to foreigners and visitors

  • Trendy restaurants and cafes in buildings that were once small factories

  • Transformed by young artists and designers in recent years

  • Home to several universities with a youthful ambience

  • Wide range of shops, unique cafes and restaurants

Hongdae Streets of Hongdae


  • Near Hongik University, known for Hongdae club district

  • Known for its urban arts and indie music culture, local shops, nightlife and entertainment

  • Streets filled with buskers and dance performances

Yeonam Yeontral Park, name inspired by Central Park, in Hongdae


  • Blocks away from Hongdae

  • Alleyways with cafes and eateries, artisan boutiques, indie bookshops, etc.

  • Transformed by young creatives, the area has gone from a quiet residential area to once that is youthful and trendy


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