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Naver Map (네이버 지도) is the most widely-used navigation system in Korea that is both web and app-based, also available in English, Chinese and Japanese in the app version. As the full functionalities of Google Maps aren't available in Korea, Naver Map is an essential app to get around Seoul. Although the app doesn't offer a fully English user interface, its crucial functions are simple enough to use for global users.


This guide includes links of saved Naver Map locations of each category. To access and save the shared maps, please follow the instructions below to download and sign up with Naver Map to make the best use of the app and its functions.

Addresses in Korea

In Korea, addresses in English are written starting with specific information (floor, building number and street), moving on to more general information (city, district and province). The street number goes before the street name. Street names typically end in -daero (boulevard, over 8 lanes), -ro (street, 2-7 lanes) or -gil (road, others). Visitors can find information on the right image on all buildings in Korea.


For example, below is the address for COEX:

513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Building number:
Street: Yeongdong-daero
District: Gangnam-gu
City: Seoul


Certain addresses in smaller roads such as Thaddaeus Ropac Seoul may have a more specific building number with a hyphen:

2F, 122-1 Dokseodang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Building number: 122-1
Street: Dokseodang-ro
District: Yongsan-gu
City: Seoul


Getting Started

To get started using Naver Map, simply download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store. The app will automatically be set up in the system language of your mobile device out of the four languages offered. To change the language, follow the steps below.

pn01 Open Naver Map and tap the three horizontal lines on the top left of the screen

pn02 Select 설정 (Settings) on the bottom left

pn03 Select the current language under 언어 (Languages)

pn04 Select your preferred language. The top option reads use system settings language but may not work for all languages

pno5 Select 확인 (Confirm) to close the app and apply changes, and relaunch app

Accessing and Saving Seoul Guide Maps

To help visitors explore every nook and cranny of Seoul, we have put together maps in each category of this guide that you can access and save to your own Naver Map app. This guide will take you through the process as it redirects you to the web version of Naver Map and is only available in Korean. To access and save the maps on Naver Map, follow the steps below.

nav1 Open your default browser and sign into Naver

mobileview On this guide, select a map to access/save

nav3 When the page opens in your browser, select + 저장하기 (save) to save the map. The sign should change to ✓ 저장됨 (saved)

nav4 Open Naver Map and select MY on the bottom right of the menu

nav5 Select 저장 (saved) on the far right of the menu to find the map saved. You may also find your personal saved locations here



With Naver Map you can get walking, public transportation and driving directions, as well as discover new locations by searching words like 'restaurant', 'subway', 'museum', etc. Your search history will be saved in your app and you can save locations to your favourites.


While you can sometimes search in English, names of many locations will only be searchable in Korean. Certain locations with English names may display a different spelling due to auto-generated translations of English names written out phonetically in Korean (e.g. Andaz Seoul Gangnam (안다즈 서울 강남) is displayed as Andajeu Seoul Gangnam). To make your search easier, this guide includes both the Korean and English names of all places mentioned in each page.



Search locations 1 Select the search bar on the top

Search locations 2 Type location to search

Search locations 3 View location displayed on the map. To view details, swipe up the bottom panel

Search locations 4 Explore details (information, reviews, photos, etc.) and save if needed

Search Directions

Search directions 1 Search location and select From or To, OR

Search directions 2 Select GO on the top right

Search directions 3 Search starting point and destination to load directions. Car/taxi ride will show as the default

Search directions 4 Explore other transporation methods


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