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Frieze Masters gallery Les Enluminures presents the work of miniaturist Simon Bening and speaks about the remarkable art of medieval manuscript painting


16 OCT 21

The artist speaks about her performative installation for the Unworlding section at Frieze London

16 OCT 21

Discover the work and life of Danish artist Lili Elbe, born Einar Wegener, at Frieze Masters 

15 OCT 21

The artist talks about her latest body of work presented at Frieze London 2021 by Stephen Friedman Gallery

15 OCT 21

Rene Matić, Mike Silva, and Obiora Udechukwu are also among the names artist Grada Kilomba announces have been acquired in this year’s Frieze Tate Fund

15 OCT 21

This year the CAS Collections Fund at Frieze is supporting the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston

15 OCT 21

Watch Even Myself Knows That Too (Journal Dub) (2021), part of Frieze London's programme of performance curated by Languid Hands

14 OCT 21

Watch my body reminds us of water iii (2021), part of Frieze London's programme of performance curated by Languid Hands

14 OCT 21

Watch Condition the roses, accept the vision. C.R.Y (2021), part of Frieze London's programme of performance curated by Languid Hands

14 OCT 21

An insight into two parallel creative processes, ahead of a new dunhill collection which reimagines Carey’s work

In Collaboration with Dunhill

Artist Ali Cherri speaks about his experience as Artist in Residence at the National Gallery, in advance of his Focus presentation at Frieze London

13 OCT 21

Commissioned by Frieze and Q/ a new video work by the LA- and London-based artist delves into the relationship between violence and structural change

11 OCT 21

Watch the prelude to the artist’s latest film, premiering on Monday 11 October

08 OCT 21

Eva Langret, Director of Frieze London unveils the highlights of this year's fair

01 OCT 21

With a new show at Gray, curator and friend Michael Auping remembers the late artist's ability to walk the thin line between abstract painting and figuration

In Collaboration with Gray

The artist’s upstate New York home thrives on oppositions, bringing together spaces for creativity and family life

In Collaboration with Sotheby's International Realty

Filmed in the Cast Courts of the V&A, Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters previews the 2021 fair

24 SEP 21

Curator Clare Lilley gives us a tour of the free outdoor exhibition in London's Regent's Park 

23 SEP 21

Inspired by Jean Genet’s play ‘The Balcony’ the artist's latest exhibition at Kasmin Gallery turns painting into performance  

In Collaboration with Kasmin Gallery

For the last video in the series on creatives and their home cities, the acclaimed South London-raised artist shares a slice of her home life in Leyton

In Collaboration with Jo Malone London