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From his self-designed concrete house in Venice, the acclaimed architect discusses what makes his adopted home ‘extremely forgiving’, in the third video in the series on creative cities

In Collaboration with Jo Malone London

Mary Baxter, Maria Gaspar and Dread Scott are the winners of the inaugural Frieze Impact Prize, in partnership with the Art for Justice Fund and Endeavor Impact

27 JUL 21

The radiologist and collector welcomes you to ‘Joy’s House’, in the second video on how creative individuals find a home in their cities

In Collaboration with Jo Malone London

The Japan-born, LA-based architect shares how distinct influences and principles combine in his intimate conversion of a classic tract home

In Collaboration with Sotheby's International Realty

MoMa's Trustee Jill Kraus and Stuart Comer, MoMa's Chief Curator of Media and Performance, discuss collecting and public art

21 JUN 21

Jennifer Higgie visits Plymouth’s new museum to explore its rich collection spanning centuries, geographical locations, and artistic media

In Collaboration with The Box Plymouth

In the first of a new series asking how creative individuals find a home in the city, the art world digital strategist explains how NYC always ‘gives back whatever you put in’ 

In Collaboration with Jo Malone London

A new exhibition of three interrelated bodies of work – including the largest single presentation of his paintings to date – sees the Mexican artist probe the ‘most Platonic of forms’ 

In Collaboration with Sean Kelly

Meet artist Ruby Sky Stiler presenting work with Nicelle Beauchene Gallery at Frieze New York 2021

12 MAY 21

Meet multidisciplinary artist Otis Houston Jr., presenting a solo show with Gordon Robichaux for Frame at Frieze New York 2021

11 MAY 21

An intimate talk with Marina Abramovic in her loft in New York

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

The esteemed architect reflects on her career on the occasion of her historic collaboration with the Frick Collection

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

Dia's Director opens up the newly expanded Dia Chelsea, and discusses the acclaimed new commissions conceived for the space

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

Designer Delfina Delettrez and artist Nico Vascellari discuss the sources of their creativity

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

A glimpse inside the 2021 edition of Frieze New York at The Shed

07 MAY 21

An incarcerated firefighter struggles to find emotional stability as he relives searing memories of his traumatic past. El Llano En Llamas is a meditation on trauma, the fluidity of memory, and the isolation experienced by those suffering from mental illness.

06 MAY 21

Sit in Water, Float in Peace invites you to do exactly that. It is an exploration into the subconscious that reveals the insecurities of an artist and her familial connection to the water just west of Los Angeles.

06 MAY 21

A meditative experience with a kindred stranger provides a moment of reflection and release for an isolated spirit.

06 MAY 21

Lesley, a young woman who feels that her life is spiralling out of control, goes to visit a self proclaimed mystic with the hopes of getting answers, and a "quick-fix" solution to her problems. Instead, she is encouraged to visit the ocean which prompts an internal journal where she learns that she held the answers to everything all along.

06 MAY 21

Three siblings walk along the dry, concrete expanse of the Los Angeles River, reminiscing through memories about their recently deceased mother. One of them remembers her dream about a river.

06 MAY 21