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He Died of an Illness Called Life is a story about the importance of the things we leave within the people we love rather than with them. Through the perspectives of both a Father and Daughter, this film explores the idea of the limited time as an adult and the eagerness of desire as a child


15 JAN 23

After getting robbed for his bike, a straight arrow contemplates revenge and forgiveness

15 JAN 23

Winner of the Jury Award 2023. Oblivious to the fact she is running on empty, a relatively young woman sets up to success as she leaves her LA apartment for a last-minute request. Spoiler: nothing goes according to her plan

15 JAN 23

The artist and director chats about his loves, hates and dreams in the first of a new video series from Frieze No.9 Cork Street

BY Andrew Durbin AND Matt Copson | 08 DEC 22

Taking place for the first time at Santa Monica Airport, the fair expands to feature more than 120 galleries, including new specialists in 20th-century art, alongside restaurants and Frieze Projects spread across the multiple sites

01 DEC 22

In Shanghai, China, artists Francoise Issaly, Jiang Lining and Angeles Infante discuss how the residency facilitates the development of their practice

In Collaboration with Swatch Art Peace Hotel

Watch the artist’s specially commissioned spoken word performance at No. 9 Cork Street

In Collaboration with ANEST COLLECTIVE

At Frieze London, Ray Aggs, Alpha Maid and Joviale activate the guitars named after five female identifying black musicians

In Collaboration with BMW

We talk to the artist, who is showing in the Focus section at Frieze London 2022, about her works that deal with the experiences of the Caribbean diaspora

16 OCT 22

We speak to the artist about his new installation, premiering at Frieze London 2022

16 OCT 22

The England rugby player and Frieze 91 Committee member talks about his passion for West African art, and Nike Davies-Okundaye, featured in Spotlight at Frieze Masters

BY Matthew McLean AND Maro Itoje | 15 OCT 22

Johnny Van Haeften talks to us from Frieze Masters about a remarkable river scene by Jan Brueghel the Elder, featuring a rare self-portrait

15 OCT 22

A mini-tour of the section at Frieze Masters 2022 with curator and art historian Camille Morineau 

15 OCT 22

The Athens-based artist, who is represented by Hot Wheels Athens, will realise a solo exhibition at Camden Art Centre in 2023

14 OCT 22

The artist tells us about her work acquired through the Frieze Tate Fund for the national collection, supported by Endeavor

14 OCT 22

Explore this year's best artwork and gallery booths at The Regent's Park

13 OCT 22

The artist talks to us about her new work for Frieze London 2022, presented by Platform Earth, and her hopes for ecologically driven design futures

12 OCT 22

The publication of the final volume of the artist’s Catalogue Raisonné, and a VR experience in London in Frieze Week, offer a unique encounter with the trailblazing artist

In Collaboration with Stolpe Publishing

Roam the aisles on the opening days of Frieze London and Frieze Masters, and discover Frieze Sculpture

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank