Thomas McMullan

Thomas McMullan is a London-based writer and journalist. His articles have appeared in The Guardian, The Observer, The TLS and Sight and Sound. He has been published by Lighthouse, 3:AM Magazine, The Stockholm Review and Cours de Poétique, and featured in Best British Short Stories. His first novel, The Last Good Man, will be published by Bloomsbury in 2020. Follow him on Twitter: @thomas_mac

With physical spaces on lockdown, exhibitions and sales rooms are migrating online. Will they ever come back?

BY Thomas McMullan | 30 MAR 20

The movement never quite took hold in the UK but, as a new exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery shows, British culture was – and remains – deeply surreal

BY Thomas McMullan | 27 FEB 20

A new retrospective celebrates the artist’s ability to warp technology

BY Thomas McMullan | 18 OCT 19

Across the programme, animals are at the centre of the drama

BY Thomas McMullan | 15 OCT 19

Why are recent blockbuster video games so obsessed with religion?

BY Thomas McMullan | 07 OCT 19

Beatriz Colomina’s latest book, X-Ray Architecture, argues that the spaces and technologies of the sanatorium gave rise to the modern movement’s iconic forms

BY Thomas McMullan | 25 APR 19

The artist’s new show at White Cube combines structuralist filmmaking with the Green Cross Code, to dazzling effect

BY Thomas McMullan | 08 APR 19

A riff on the gallery’s landmark 1956 show, Whitechapel Gallery’s latest exhibition boasts some compelling pairings but has an unconfident, sheepish quality

BY Thomas McMullan | 18 FEB 19

A new show at London’s Wellcome Collection charts the influence manmade structures have had on health and wellbeing

BY Thomas McMullan | 03 OCT 18

At a time of instantaneous information and fetishized immersivity, artists are evoking scent as an alchemical, bodily response

BY Thomas McMullan | 07 AUG 17