Membership FAQs

How do I become a Frieze member? 

You can join Frieze by choosing a plan at If you purchase In Depth you can explore for 30 days, with free cancellation.   

How many articles can I see for free? 

If you are not a member, you can view two premium articles per month. This is in addition to the Reviews, Partnerships and selected Fairs content accessible to everyone across the site. Frieze Members can enjoy unlimited access to and the digital archive.  

If you wish to increase the number of articles, join Frieze at

I’m a member of Frieze, how do I activate my account?  

To activate your digital access to please Sign In. You will need to sign in with the email address and password you registered with.  

Does my Frieze membership automatically renew? 

If you have joined Frieze after 1st February 2021, your membership renews automatically, and payment is taken every 12 months from the date you first signed up to In Depth or In Print Membership.  

How do I manage my account details? 

You can manage and edit personal information, such as address and credit card details, by logging in to your profile page and going into Account Settings.  

I’ve forgotten the password to my Frieze account  

If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one here. 

I’m an existing frieze magazine subscriber, can I still access 

Yes, please contact if you haven’t received your new login credentials and we will share them with you.  

Please be aware that magazine subscriptions that started or renewed before 1st February 2021 won’t renew automatically. You will receive information on how to choose a new membership plan.

How often is frieze published?

frieze is published 8 times a year: January/February, March, April, May, June/July/August, September, October and November/December. 

I'm an In Print member, when should I expect my magazine to arrive?

If you have purchased an In Print membership your print delivery will begin with the next issue. If you are outside the UK or EU, deliveries may take longer. In light of global health concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) please expect some slight delays in delivery.

Can I gift Frieze membership?  

Yes. Select the plan here that you wish to send as a gift and submit the information as required. Your recipient will receive an email immediately to let them know that they have a gift membership. They will be sent instructions on how to activate their account so they can begin to explore and their benefits.  

Once your recipient activates their account online we will process payment.  

Do you provide institutional access to content? 

Yes. Please contact for further information.  

How do I cancel my Frieze membership?  

You can cancel your membership by logging in to your profile page and going into Account Settings.  

What is Frieze 91? 

Launching in 2021, Frieze 91 is a by-application programme designed exclusively for new and emerging collectors. Find out more here. 

I am experiencing technical issues. 

Please contact and we will respond to your query. 


Frieze In Person FAQs

What are the benefits of being an In Person member?  

First Preview access to one edition of the Frieze Fairs, in the city of your choice, as well as a members-only guided tour of either Frieze London or Frieze Masters, 8 issues of frieze magazine and unlimited access to  

I’m an In Person member, how do I access the Frieze Fairs? 

We will send you a booking link in the coming weeks to choose an entry time. As an In Person member you can access reserved, member-only booking slots.  

I've purchased In Person membership in London - can I only access Frieze London? 

If you've selected London as your city of choice, your In Person membership will provide you with a Combined ticket, which is access to both Frieze London and Frieze Masters. 

From which days can I book on to Frieze London and Frieze Masters if I am an In Person member? 

From Thursday 14 October. Please note all 4pm slots for Thursday are now at capacity. All slots for the remaining fair days are subject to availability. 

Am I allowed multiple entries to the Fairs as a member?  

No, you must enter the Fair at the time of entry on your booking confirmation  

How do I book on to the guided tour if I am an In Person member?  

We will send you a booking link in the coming weeks to choose which Fair you would like to tour, and the entry time. Please ensure the time of your tour is after the timed entry on your main Fair ticket.  

As an In Person member can I attend the Fairs in multiple cities throughout the year?  

No, you are purchasing access to one edition of the Frieze Fairs, in the city of your choice. If you have selected London you will be able to access both Frieze London and Frieze Masters. 

I have bought a Dual In Person membership, how does my +1 activate their membership?  

Please contact and we will provide a link for you to supply details of your secondary recipient.  

I’m an existing Frieze member, how do I become an In Person member? 

Please contact if you wish to upgrade. We will then suspend your existing membership (and issue a pro rata refund). Your membership will be upgraded to In Person and we will send you a link to complete payment, to activate your new membership