Getting around the city

Getting around Seoul is relatively easy thanks to well-planned and efficient roads and public transport system. Visitors can get around by driving, taxis, or public transportation (bus and subway), but should note that traffic can get heavy in the city. We recommend that visitors download the following apps that will be introduced in this page:


Navigation: Naver Map
Driving: Naver Map, Waze
Ride hail: Uber (UT in Korea), Kakao Taxi


To rent a car, renters must be at least 21 year-old and have at least one year experience driving. We recommend visitors to rent a car using rental sites like Rentalcars.comQEEQ or Klook, or rent from Lotte rent-a-car or Avis Car Rental that offer English platforms and customer service.

To go through the rental process in Seoul, visitors will need the following:


  • Passport

  • Local driver's license (depends on the rental company)

  • International driver's license/permit (IDP)

    • IDPs should be issued by country under Geneva or Vienna Convention

    • EU International Drivers Licenses cannot be used in Korea; EU IDL holders must present an IDP to pick up their cars

    • US citizens must issue IDPs from the American Automobile Association (AAA)

Note that you must have all 3 documents with at any given time when driving.



Navigation for driving

Finding a good navigation app in English can be a little tricky here as all addresses are registered in Korean. According to foreign drivers in Korea who do not speak the language, Naver Map or Waze are the most reliable English-friendly options. Download Naver Map from the App Store or Google Play Store, or download Waze from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Driver Service

Visitors can choose to get around Seoul in comfort with a private driver that speaks English – from the airport to your hotel, hotel to Frieze Seoul at COEX, and anywhere else in Seoul and beyond. Below are some of the more well-known international driver services.

Premium Chauffer Service - GroundK

GroundK is the leader in chauffeured services and ground transportation logistics management in Korea, relentlessly driving excellence across the financial roadshow, global events and corporate travel markets. Focusing on quality control and brand representation, GroundK’s dedicated project managers deliver a full end-to-end ground transportation service for events of any size. GroundK offers the combination of industry leading infrastructure and service excellence to ensure your business travel is a success.

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International Taxi

Regular taxi (~4 people)

Minivan (~6 people)

₩20,000/additional hour

No.: +82 1644-2255

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priv driv

Seoul Private Driver

Minivan: ₩28,000/hr
Minibus: ₩35,000/hr

Airport transfer
From Incheon: ₩88,000 ~
Gimpo: ₩75,000 ~

No.: +82 70 7717 9646

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Taxis are prevalent in Seoul and are a convenient and relatively affordable choice. However, they can sometimes be an inefficient choice due to Seoul's traffic. Taxis may be difficult to flag down in Seoul due to high demand, especially during peak hours, so make sure to plan ahead.


If staying at a hotel, it is recommended to request a taxi in advance at the concierge and ask them to write out the destination in Korean

  • All taxis in Seoul accept cash and most accept credit card and prepaid T-money

  • All taxis are metered in Seoul

  • Available taxis show a red light, reserved taxis show a green light, and unavailable taxis show no light

  • Most taxi drivers do not speak English

  • Although illegal for taxi drivers to refuse passengers, it is not uncommon to be refused a ride for any number of reasons such as:

    • Destination is in a different direction from where the driver wants to go

    • Requested destination is too close or far away

    • Driver is uncomfortable with the language barrier


Regular Taxi

  • Orange, silver or white

  • Cheapest taxi with base rate of ₩4,800

  • 20% higher rates during peak hours and 10pm-4am

  • Can be flagged down on the streets or called via ride hail apps mentioned below


Deluxe Taxi

  • Black with golden stripes with Deluxe Taxi insignia on each side

  • Fares 40-50% higher than regular taxis with base rate of ₩6,500

  • More spacious seats, no late-night surcharges

  • More English-speaking drivers and safer service


Deluxe Taxi

  • Black or orange with International insignia on each side

  • Driven by drivers who are proficient in either English, Japanese or Chinese

  • Usually operate on a reserved basis, but an sometimes be hailed on the streets

No.: +82 1644-2255
Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 | Sat 09:00-13:00

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Ride Hail

Of the many ride hail apps available in Seoul, we recommend visitors use those introduced below as they are the most efficient and foreigner-friendly.


  • Simply input your starting point and destination – you do not need to communicate your destination with your driver

  • During peak hours, rides can take long to book, be difficult to book and and traffic gets heavy, so make sure to book your rides with ample time

  • Rides can get especially difficult to book on weekend nights at crowded night life hubs, taking from 30 minutes to an hour

  • While you can sometimes search in English, names and addresses of many locations will only be searchable in Korean. To make your search easier, this guide includes both the Korean and English names of all places mentioned in each page.

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‘Like a Local’ is a premium taxi service in partnership with the Korean premium taxi brand ‘i.M’, i.M offers spacious taxi with the latest model of Carnival vehicles.


  • To begin using the service available from August 30, please visit ‘' and go through the email verification process.

  • Currently ‘Like a Local’ is operating 1,000 RV (Recreational Vehicle) vehicles that can accommodate up to 6 passengers and 4 suitcases (based on 24-inch suitcases).

  • ‘Like a Local’ provides a comfortable and pleasant travel experience with premium limousine seats in all rows, as well as protective barriers and air purifiers for a 24-hour clean zone.

  • For foreign travelers, ‘Like a Local’ accepts card payments in USD. Here are the steps for payment:


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imcar guide

utUT (Uber) taxi in Seoul

UT (우티: 우리들의 택시)

Uber is available in Korea as UT, in conjunction with TMAP. If you do not have Uber on your device, download UT/Uber from the App Store or Google Play Store, and sign in and verify your number to begin using their services.

  • If you already have Uber on your device, the icon will change to UT and the app will relaunch as UT in Korea

  • Uber may be the more convenient choice for visitors as it allows payment with foreign cards

  • Less drivers under UT compared to Kakao Taxi

kakaoKakao Taxi

Kakao T (카카오 T)

Kakao T (Kakao Taxi) is the most widely-used ride hail app in Korea that offers the most drivers in its system. Download Kakao T from the App Store or Google Play Store, and sign in and verify your number to begin using their services.

  • Although Kakao T offers different types of taxis, only General Request is available for foreigners as others require in-app Korean card payments

  • Select Pay to the driver under Select payment method as in-app card payments are only available for Korean cards

To book a General Request taxi, follow the steps below.

ridehail1Select Taxi

ridehail2Search starting point and destination and select General Request

ridehail3Select Medium or Large taxi and Select Payment Method

ridehail4Swipe right to select Pay to the driver, Apply, and Request your taxi

T-money Card for Public Transportation

We recommend that visitors purchase a rechargeable T-money card that can be used on Seoul's subway, bus systems and select taxi rides. Subway stations and bus stops are generally within a 10 minute walk of most destinations in central Seoul.

  • Sold for ₩2,500 at convenience stores: CU, GS25, Ministop and 7-Eleven

  • Lower rates than using cash or purchasing single journey tickets to get around the city

  • Transfer discounts limited to four times a day, within a transfer time limit of 30 minutes (up to 1 hour from 21:00 to 07:00 the next day)

Charging your card

  • Cashier at retail convenience stores

  • Ticket vending machines located in all subway and train stations *Recommended (English option)

  • Newsstands near a bus stop with a T-money sign, usually next to subway station exits and entrances

Checking the balance on your card

  • Ticket vending machines located in all subway and train stations

  • Remaining balance displayed on card readers when tapped on on subways and buses

tmoney1Purchase and charge your T-money card at a machine in stations


tmoney2Charge your T-money card at a newsstand near a bus stop


sub1Interior of Seoul subways


sub2Tap your T-money card at a subway station

The city has its fair share of traffic jams that cause significant delays, so the clean and extensive subway system is a safe and reliable option. Visitors who only intend to utilise the subway once or twice can purchase single journey tickets at any station.

  • Colour-coded 10 subway lines

  • Operation hours are 5:30am to approximately midnight

  • Estimated travel time between stations is 2˜3minutes

  • Base rate: 1,250 KRW T-money and 1,350 KRW cash for adults

To use cash, purchase a single journey ticket from ticket vending machines

  • Fare depends on the final destination, in addition to a 500 KRW deposit

  • Deposits can be refunded by returning the card to a Card Refund Deposit machine at the destination station


Although visitors generally tend to find the subway system easier to navigate with clearer way-finding in English, public buses are also an efficient way to get around. Passengers pay with T-money cards as they board the bus, and must tap-out before they alight.

  • Operation hours of most routes are 4:30am to approximately 1:00am

  • Night buses run nine routes exclusively from midnight to 5:00am

  • Base rate: 900-2,300 KRW T-money and 1,000-2,400 KRW cash for adults, depending on bus circuit

Colour-coded bus circuits

  • Green: within one neighbourhood (adults base rate: 1,200 KRW T-money, 1,300 KRW cash)

  • Blue: between neighbourhoods across town (adults base rate: 1,200 KRW T-money, 1,300 KRW cash)

  • Yellow: short circuits and tourist destinations (adults base rate: 1,100 KRW T-money, 1,200 KRW cash)

  • Red: different cities (adults base rate: 2,300 KRW T-money, 2,400 KRW cash)

bus1Colour-coded buses in Seoul


bus2Tap your T-money card when boarding and alighting a bus


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