Chloe Stead

Chloe Stead is a writer and critic based in Berlin.

At Capitain Petzel, Berlin, the artist pays homage to writers such as Jane Austen and James Joyce

BY Chloe Stead | 29 JUL 20

From bratwurst sculptures to Prussian monuments, at Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf, the artist looks at the construction of German identity 

BY Chloe Stead | 24 DEC 19

At Berlin’s KW Institute, Chicago Imagism, corporeal feminism and bondage scenarios

BY Chloe Stead | 29 OCT 19

This year’s edition of the biennial in Moss, Norway, proves that it can trigger emotions but fails to show empathy

BY Chloe Stead | 21 SEP 19

An exhibition at Peres Projects, Berlin, shows how society’s attitudes to sex have changed throughout the 86-year-old artist’s career

BY Chloe Stead | 12 APR 19
Venice 2019

Artists Ane Graff, Ingela Ihrman and nabbteeri will test the fraught relationship between human and non-human species

BY Chloe Stead | 27 MAR 19

In a recent performance at Kunstmuseum Basel, the artist demonstrates an impressive control of hysteria and hesitancy

BY Chloe Stead | 05 FEB 19

A conference at the Salzburg Summer Academy demonstrated the contentious issues at stake when dealing with the legacy of colonialism – and possible ways forward

BY Chloe Stead | 23 AUG 18

At Kunstverein in Hamburg, the artist presents a vision of futuristic societies, mixing hard facts and pure fiction to disorienting effect

BY Chloe Stead | 28 JUN 18

Exploring self-exoticization and the migrant experience, the artist reprises her father's kebab shop as a cyclical performance at Kim?, Riga 

BY Chloe Stead | 17 MAY 18

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin, Germany

BY Chloe Stead | 24 NOV 17

At Stavanger’s Screen City Biennial, artists responded to the theme ‘Migrating Stories’ from personal, biographical perspectives

BY Chloe Stead | 01 NOV 17

‘Klassensprachen’ engaged artists, writers and publishers in soul-searching around the interlinking of class, language and political change

BY Chloe Stead | 03 AUG 17

Soy Capitán, Berlin

BY Chloe Stead | 13 APR 17

Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany

BY Chloe Stead | 21 FEB 17

Galerie Conradi, Hamburg, Germany

BY Chloe Stead | 05 JAN 17

Etel Adnan, Andrzej Steinbach, Haegue Yang, and more: a guide to the best shows in the city

BY Chloe Stead | 15 NOV 16

Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany

BY Chloe Stead | 10 NOV 16

A report from the residency and conference asking how art and artists should engage in places of political or economic instability

BY Chloe Stead | 06 OCT 16
Culture Digest

Enacting a group-designed digital identity

BY Chloe Stead | 26 JUN 16