in Frieze | 19 DEC 19

New to Frieze LA: Gaga

We talk to Gabriela Magaña about expanding from Mexico to California and how younger generations are taking control of the artistic landscape

in Frieze | 19 DEC 19

Can you tell us about the name of your gallery?                               

We don’t use the word gaga in Mexico (in Spain they use it to refer to someone as ‘a bit out of it’ or to say ‘out to lunch’). When we chose this name, it was more a reference to stuttering like jaja or dada. Also, in our last show with Perros Negros there was a video by Bernadette Corporation that said 'we had nothing we were gaga' and one from Karl Holmqvist that said 'I saw the best minds of my generation go completely gaga'

Alex Hubbard, Peeping Tom, 2019, Acrylic and urethane on canvas, 177.8 x 152.4 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Gaga, Mexico City and Los Angeles

You opened your space in Mexico City 11 years ago, how has the city’s art scene evolved during that time? 
It has changed considerably, there are a bunch of young galleries like Agustina Ferreyra, Ladrón, Lodos, Salón Silicón and a bunch of artist-run spaces like Bikini Wax. These spaces are reshaping the scene, along with artists, writers and other cultural producers living here or just passing through that make the scene richer and more interesting. I think it’s great that the younger generations are taking more control of our artistic lanscape.

You opened your second location in Los Angeles. What drove the decision to expand to this city? And where are you located?

We opened almost four years ago and we are located in McArthur Park. For the last six years, we have been going to LA to visit friends, see exhibitions, etc. and we always felt at home. Our visits got more and more frequent and then our friends and colleagues from Reena Spaulings proposed to share a space and, as we love collaborative efforts, we obviously said yes. Then we found the most amazing location and the rest is history!

Danny McDonald, Forced to sell artwork from a public collection in order to offset personal debt. Resale attempt imperiled during transport due to crumbling infrastructure (Uncle Sam), 2019, Modified found objects, plywood, brick, resin, plastic, brushed aluminum, die-cast aluminum, plexiglas, steel, brass, rubber, inkjet on printed paper, imitation gold-leaf, paint, 26.7 x 29.8 x 10.2 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Gaga, Mexico City and Los Angeles

What are you planning to exhibit at the fair?
A selection of works by our roster of artists, including Emily Sundblad’s paintings, sculptures by Anna Uddenberg and some historic works by Cosima von Bonin.

What are you looking forward to about Frieze Week LA?

We are very excited to connect and engage more with the Los Angeles scene.

What will be on show at the gallery during Frieze Week?

In Mexico we will have a show of Laura Owens, and in Los Angeles, Reena Spaulings will be presenting a solo show of Michael Krebber.

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