November Shows at No.9 Cork Street

This coming month, Frieze’s Mayfair gallery has work from Luke Edward Hall (The Breeder), four notable Korean artists (Jason Haam) and a group show from Tabula Rasa

in Frieze London & Frieze Masters | 19 OCT 23

The November programme at Frieze’s No.9 Cork Street features exhibitions from Jason Haam, Tabula Rasa Gallery and The Breeder running concurrently 3-18 November 2023.

Jungwook Kim Untitled_2009_162x130cm_Korean ink on Korean paper.jpg
Jungwook Kim, Untitled, 2009. Korean ink on Korean paper, 162 x 130 cm. Courtesy the artist and Jason Haam

Jason Haam: ‘Karma’

Jason Haam presents ‘Karma’, featuring works by four celebrated Korean painters: Jungwook Kim, Minjung Kim, Mike Lee and Moka Lee. It’s the gallery’s second exhibition in collaboration with Frieze No.9 Cork Street.

The four artists in ‘Karma’ represent different eras of Korean identity, heritage and generational zeitgeists. Born across four decades from the 1960s to 1990s, all four artists are technically accomplished and employ laborious and repetitive layering processes.

Minjung Kim's works are an assemblage of the East and the West that recall the visual sensitivity of Arte Povera yet predominantly use hanji, a Korean mulberry paper. Her works are products of highly disciplined meditation and reductive performance. Jungwook Kim has been making ink-on-paper works for more than 30 years. Steeped in the traditions of Asian painting, Kim expands the aesthetic boundaries of ink. The only Korean-American artist in the presentation, Mike Lee makes graphically charged paintings with a wide range of subject matters in a stylized black-and-white palette with skills he learnt from his training as an animator. Finally, Moka Lee represents a generation of young Korean artists who grew up with the internet and social media. Her work reflects conflicts between identity and fabricated persona and touches upon generational traits and tensions. 

Katarina Caserman, Atvismonyhoz, 190 x 155 cm, 2022
Katarina Caserman, Atvismonyhoz, 2022190 x 155 cm. Courtesy the artist and Tabula Rasa Gallery

Tabula Rasa Gallery: ‘Tabula Rasa: Unveiled’

Tabula Rasa Gallery is presenting ‘Tabula Rasa Unveiled’, a group show featuring several of the gallery’s female artists, including Nell Brookfield, Katarina Caserman, Kristy M Chan, Zoe Marden, Teresa Murta, Xiao Hanqiu, Yuan Yuan, Eva Yi Zhang, Tant Zhong and Dan Zhu. Revisiting the gallery’s founding philosophy, the notion of the tabula rasa, a ‘blank slate’ that here evolves into a vast canvas for boundless exploration. The exhibition takes a look at personal narratives shaped by the complexity of contemporary society, enabling the tabula rasa to take on fresh significance. It explores the relevance of this concept today, inviting artists to navigate themes of identity and authenticity, unveiling layers of reality through their varied perspectives. 

Luke Edward Hall Untitled, 2023 Watercolor on paper 30 x 42 cm. Copyright the artist. Courtesy The Breeder.
Luke Edward Hall, ARISTOPHANES ON LOVE, 2023.

Watercolour on paper, 30 x 42 cm. Copyright the artist. Courtesy The Breeder.

The Breeder: Luke Edward Hall, ‘300,000 Kisses’

The Breeder presents ‘300,000 Kisses’, Luke Edward Hall’s solo exhibition at Frieze No.9 Cork Street. The show centres on a series of works on queer love in the ancient world, all of which feature in 300,000 Kisses, a book by poet Sean Hewitt and Luke Edward Hall, published by Penguin. In the book, Hewitt and Hall present a collection of 40 stories, previously suppressed or overlooked: a series of queer tales to complete the canon narrative on love, desire and affection. Hall’s drawings vividly complement Hewitt’s words, to build a safe yet extroverted space for those stories to be narrated and illustrated through a contemporary lens. The exhibition includes Hall’s original drawings for the book. In his world, classical iconography meets the familiarity of the everyday in vibrant drawings and paintings. Oscillating between mythic narratives and a deeply personal interior space, Hall’s works balance a dreamlike, romantic aesthetic with an exploration of psychological terrain as well as broader concerns like the vulnerability and pervasive eroticism of the male body, in an attempt to challenge the dominant heteronormative representations and to unite masculine and feminine elements in harmonious compositions. This series develops Hall’s exploration of eccentric romance and intimacy, while maintaining his references to Jean Cocteau, John Craxton and the Bloomsbury Group. 

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Main image: Luke Edward Hall, IT'S TOUGH BEING A GIGOLO, 2023, watercolour on paper, 30 x 45 cm. Copyright the artist. Courtesy The Breeder. 

Thumbnail image: Luke Edward Hall, AN EMPEROR'S KISS, 2023, watercolour on paper, 30 x 42 cm. Copyright the artist. Courtesy The Breeder.