in News | 05 JUL 18

Peter Blake, Jeremy Deller and Mona Hatoum Celebrate NHS’s 70th Birthday With Exclusive Prints

Sales from the limited edition prints by the leading artists will go towards supporting hospitals in London

in News | 05 JUL 18

Courtesy: © Peter Blake and Worton Hall Studios, 2018

Seven leading artists including Peter Blake, Jeremy Deller and Mona Hatoum are celebrating the NHS’s 70th birthday today (5 July) with the release of exclusively commissioned prints. Produced by Worton Hall Studios and available through CCA Galleries, sales will go towards Imperial Health Charity, supporting hospitals in London. Other contributing artists are Tom Hammick, David Mach, Elizabeth Magill and Chris Orr.

Courtesy: © Mona Hatoum and Worton Hall Studios, 2018

The limited edition prints include Blake’s signature vibrant blocks of colour, and a cool blue-and-white rendition of bedsprings by Hatoum. An exhibition of the prints will go on show across Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary’s Hospitals this year.

Courtesy: © Tom Hammick and Worton Hall Studios, 2018

David Mach RA, a member of the The Imperial Health Charity’s art committee, commented: ‘What would we do without the NHS? The way we look after each other in this truly national institution is something we can be rightly proud of in the UK. We can be proud too of art and how it plays a vital role in healthcare’.