Dan Fox

Dan Fox is a writer and a recipient of the 2021 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. He lives in New York, USA.

‘Allen can take the listener from a tender meditation on the meaning of home to a stomping history lesson about Spanish conquistadors invading Mexico, and then flip right back’

BY Dan Fox | 22 SEP 16

First impressions of the biennial which focuses on the uncertainty of today’s world

BY Dan Fox | 06 SEP 16

A quarter century of frieze;a quarter century of lessons

BY Jennifer Higgie, Dan Fox AND Jörg Heiser | 19 AUG 16

Where else can you find HBO sitcoms, Paul Simon, the industrial history of colour photography and the legacy of Euro ’96?

BY Dan Fox | 11 JUN 16

David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

BY Dan Fox | 30 MAR 16

From a history of sabotage to the yogi rock of Bhagavan Das: the best things we've read this week

BY Dan Fox | 26 MAR 16

The term ‘outsider artist’ is tired – but it may soon take on new meaning 

BY Dan Fox | 11 MAR 16

Ben Wheatley’s new J.G. Ballard adaptation continues his exploration of genre, class, comedy and violence

BY Dan Fox | 11 MAR 16

David Bowie as art school

BY Dan Fox | 10 MAR 16

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA, & Tate Modern, London UK

BY Dan Fox | 10 DEC 15

An interview with Claes Oldenburg

BY Dan Fox | 23 OCT 15

Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, USA

BY Dan Fox | 21 OCT 15

Puns, pictograms and props in the work of Math Bass

BY Dan Fox | 20 AUG 15

The complicated idea of ‘home’

BY Dan Fox | 27 APR 15

‘So shallow is this show that I left with the surprising sensation of knowing even less about Björk than I did when I entered’

BY Dan Fox | 23 APR 15

New Museum, New York, USA

BY Dan Fox | 16 MAR 15

Dan Fox explores handcrafted futures and the automated present in Scott Reeder’s new sci-fi film Moon Dust

BY Dan Fox | 20 FEB 15

The Kitchen, New York, USA

BY Dan Fox | 16 DEC 14

Aspen Art Museum, USA

BY Dan Fox | 30 OCT 14

Can’t relate? Don’t worry: you’re not alone

BY Dan Fox | 23 SEP 14