Frieze 91 London: East End Gallery Hop to Celebrate London Gallery Weekend

June 2024
London, United Kingdom

Frieze 91 members are invited to an east end gallery hop to celebrate London Gallery Weekend.

We will be visiting galleries located around Cambridge Heath.

The Approach Gallery

Adelaide Cioni, True Form

True Form is Adelaide Cioni’s debut exhibition at The Approach, showing new works across both gallery spaces. Inspired by a quote from the Ancient Egyptian Panehsy, Royal Treasurer to Pharaoh Ramesses II, the show talks about our relationship with the artworks that we make or surround ourselves with, connecting it to questions of translation.


Ana Viktoria Dzinic, Repetitive

In Repetitive, her debut solo exhibition in the UK, London-based, German artist Ana Viktoria Dzinic presents a series of photographic prints and sculptural installations in which she uses repetition as a tool to investigate contemporary methods of communication and image production, analysing the relationship between processes of subjectivity formation and current modes of fabrication, circulation and consumption of technical images.

Annka Kultys Gallery

Christiane Peschek, The Girls Club

At ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY in London, Austrian artist Christiane Peschek presents The Girls Club, a suite of digitally-manipulated selfies that reflect the uncanny powers of a femme face that refuses recognition. Thirteen meticulously-crafted hand-dyed silk works mounted to aluminum frames are enshrined by a black vinyl wall installation that bears the phrase “The Girls Club”. The images, which are all characterised by deep-fried edits to a series of self-portraits taken on the artist’s iPhone, collapse the face into an abstract field of material data, one that can refuse the superstructures of capital and identity that augured it.

Soft Opening

Dean Sameshima, being alone

In each of the twenty-five black and white photographs that comprise Dean Sameshima’s recent series being alone, the outline of a solitary viewer sits bathed in light emitting from the glowing screen of a Berlin porn theatre. These cinemas offer the kind of encounter that has been described as an “anonymous being-together”, a space wherein an individual can project not only his own desire and sexual fantasy onto the screen but disidentify with the confining projections of the external world.

Sherbet Green

Marieke Bernard-Berkel ft. Tom Bull, All the world's a stage

All the world’s a stage is the second solo exhibition at the gallery from Marieke Bernard-Berkel, featuring new paintings on wood, canvas and fabric by the artist, alongside several tar-coated sculptural works from invited collaborator Tom Bull. This new body of work continues Bernard-Berkel’s investigation into landscape painting. Building on multiple canonical references, including expressionism, post-impressionism and psychedelic art, she utilises wild, overabundant colourways and impasto to convey a contemporary lens on the medium.

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