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Rob Wynne
Linda Daniels
Blue Pink with White, 2018
T.J. Wilcox
The Funeral of Marlene Dietrich, 2018
Marnie Weber
The Resting Tree, 1999
Alexis Teplin
Lily, 2019
Anthony Sonnenberg
Pair of Candelabras (Pink Opals), 2020
Dean Sameshima
Mourning and Militancy, 2015-2016
Enoc Perez
Andy Warhol's Factory, 2019
Maynard Monrow
Untitled (R.D), 2020
Nancy Lorenz
Untitled (Sunlight II), 2021
Deborah Kass
OY/YO, 2018
Nir Hod
The Life We Left Behind, 2019
Viola Frey
Stubborn Woman, Orange Hands, 2004
Beverly Fishman
Untitled (Bipolar Disorder, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, Opioid Addiction, Pain), 2020
Judie Bamber
Sue Williams (Miss April 1965), 2020
Andrew Brischler
Constant Stranger, 2020
Judith Eisler
Delphine 1, 2016
Lisa Anne Auerbach
Healing America, 2019
Alex Anderson
Martyr II, 2020
Marilyn Minter
Antifreeze, 2021
Kim Dacres
Peaceful Perch, 2018-2019
Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.)
Our Magic Garden (Second Movement), 2021
Betty Tompkins
Women Words (Raphael #2), 2018
April Bey
Colonial Day Sale II (Blue/Green), 2020
Candida Alvarez
It was so dark, I could see the stars, 2019
Karen Carson
Red, Black, White, 1972 - 2016
Gisela Colón
Untitled (15 Foot Parabolic Monolith Iridium), 2019