Issue 16
May 1994

From this issue

Warhol's writing is unique, not least because it was written by someone else

When the Warhol Diaries were published in 1989, I was mad to have at them.

BY Richard Flood |

The interpretation of Andy Warhol's films

BY Peter Wollen |

Andy Warhol is Frankenstein

Q: 'Well, if it's a Factory, what does it produce?'

A: 'Anxiety.'

--Overheard at a party in Greenwich Village, circa 1966

As a 16-year old, I loved Warhol's movies like I loved punk rock

BY Roddy Bogawa |

'The most revolutionary Pop artist of the 60s and the most famous American artist of our time.'1

BY Trevor Fairbrother |

Andy Warhol's undivided attention

BY Stuart Morgan |

After I met Bruno Bischofberger in early 1986, it didn't take long for him to realise that I was pretty obsessed with Andy Warhol.

Andy was famous for what he didn't say. His silence was eloquent

The opening of the Andy Warhol Museum

BY Allan Schwartzman |

An interview with Joseph Kosuth

'Unbound' at the Hayward

The Museum for African Art, New York, USA

BY Clémentine Deliss |