Issue 16
May 1994

From this issue

Warhol's writing is unique, not least because it was written by someone else

06 MAY 94

When the Warhol Diaries were published in 1989, I was mad to have at them.

BY Richard Flood | 06 MAY 94

The interpretation of Andy Warhol's films

BY Peter Wollen | 06 MAY 94

Andy Warhol is Frankenstein

06 MAY 94

Q: 'Well, if it's a Factory, what does it produce?'

A: 'Anxiety.'

--Overheard at a party in Greenwich Village, circa 1966

06 MAY 94

As a 16-year old, I loved Warhol's movies like I loved punk rock

BY Roddy Bogawa | 06 MAY 94

'The most revolutionary Pop artist of the 60s and the most famous American artist of our time.'1

BY Trevor Fairbrother | 06 MAY 94

Andy Warhol's undivided attention

BY Stuart Morgan | 06 MAY 94

After I met Bruno Bischofberger in early 1986, it didn't take long for him to realise that I was pretty obsessed with Andy Warhol.

06 MAY 94

Andy was famous for what he didn't say. His silence was eloquent

06 MAY 94

The opening of the Andy Warhol Museum

BY Allan Schwartzman | 06 MAY 94

An interview with Joseph Kosuth

06 MAY 94

'Unbound' at the Hayward

06 MAY 94

The Museum for African Art, New York, USA

BY Clémentine Deliss | 06 MAY 94