Tabula Rasa Gallery: 'Tabula Rasa: Unveiled'

3 - 18 November

Tabula Rasa Gallery presents Tabula Rasa: Unveiled, a group show featuring a constellation of the gallery’s female artists including Nell Brookfield, Katarina Caserman, Kristy M Chan, Zoe Marden, Teresa Murta, Xiao Hanqiu, Yuan Yuan, Eva Yi Zhang, Tant Zhong and Dan Zhu. The exhibition brings the viewers into a realm where the very concept of a "blank slate" evolves into a vast canvas for boundless exploration. Stemming from thinkers like Aristotle and Plato in the ancient times, "tabula rasa" suggests that the human mind starts as an empty canvas, shaped by experiences. In our intricate contemporary society, one's experience is a complex weaving of threads from myriad societal and personal dimensions, enabling "tabula rasa" to take on fresh significance. It is a concept redefined by the fusion of diverse realities. This exhibition delves into the resonance of this concept today, inviting artists to become navigators of identity and authenticity, threading through the layers of our reality to unveil concealed truths.

Katarina Caserman
Katarina Caserman, Atvismonyhoz, 190 x 155 cm, 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Tabula Rasa Gallery.