FF Projects: Manifold (Deluxe)

13 - 29 April

FF Projects (Faridah Folawiyo) presents a group exhibition of Black female artists from across the globe. Building on a previous iteration of the exhibition in 2022, Manifold (Deluxe) sees the addition of new artists working across painting, photography, video and print-making.

Thematically, the exhibition continues to question the limitations of approaching artists and their work through a singular lens. The artists in the show operate through layers; they create work that denounces easy accessibility by leaning on their complexities and contradictions. Working across painting, photography, video and print-making, the works and artists on show force us to question preconceived ideas about the hierarchy of planes.

Olukemi Lijadu
Olukemi Lijadu, Study II (Birthday Hair), 2022, 4 framed archival prints. Courtesy of the artist and FF Projects