Galleri Opdahl: Tom Howse & Jone Kvie

12 - 27 May

Galleri Opdahl is thrilled to present the British painter Tom Howse, b.1981, and the Norwegian sculptor Jone Kvie, b.1971 in an exhibition at Frieze No.9 Cork Street, May 11 - 27th.

Tom Howse

With paintings as his medium, Tom Howse explores the borders between the real and the imaginary. Through visual confabulations of myths and folklore, the absurd and the known, Howse questions our search for understanding. Derived from a need embedded across time, borders, and cultures, he investigates the desire for comprehension as it moves in and out of our consciousness. In his own quest, Howse works with figurative imagery where people, animals, and fables interact in familiar and unfamiliar environments. As scenes unfold through the window of a dining room, a swamp of prehistoric dimensions, or a cultivated landscape, Howse begins to distort and reconfigure the proposed logic of our expectations. By twisting the proportions, perspectives, and dimensions of the depicted, the known is extended into the realm of fantasy. Anchored in the principles of our accustomed line of thought, the unfolding narratives present the observer with an alternate space where the margins between the real and the imaginary begin to dissolve.

Selected solo exhibitions; Whispering Raindrops of the Hologram Forest, 2023, Duarte Sequeira Gallery, Braga; Twilight Symphonies Of The Analogue Frog, Duarte Sequeira, Seoul, 2022; Pigeon Grass Mallard Palace, 2021, Linseed Projects, Shanghai, Moonworth George Replica, 2021, Lyche One Gallery, London, Precambrian Swamp Jazz, 2019, Galleri Opdahl, Norway, Post-Celestial Compost, 2017, Rod Barton Gallery, London, Secondhand Toad Poems, 2017, Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich.

Selected group exhibitions: Freya Douglas-Morris, Tom Howse, Talia Levitt, 2022, Alexander Berggruen, NY, The Stage More Beholding, 2020, Frestonian Gallery, London, Ratskeller Galerie, Berlin, 2019, PM/AM Gallery, London, 2019, Koppe Astner (Condo), London, 2019, On The Home Front, 2018, Galleri Kant, Copenhagen, John Moore’s Painting Prize, 2018, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Malevolent Eldritch Schriecking, 2018

Jone Kvie

The sculptures of Jone Kvie exist within a juxtaposition of the inherently specific and entirely abstract. Working predominantly with bronze and stone, his subject ranges from meteors and explosions in outer space to mundane objects from everyday life to matters of that which lie beneath the surface we walk upon. Investigating how we relate to and navigate through time and space, Kvie presents visual manifestations of the questions we cannot answer. Stretching a line between the visible and invisible, the graspable and the incomprehensible, Jone Kvie presents a rarity of the undefinable in the form of an object liberated from confirmed associations, immediate references, and predisposed knowledge. By exchanging the satisfaction of apprehension with the act of indulging in the uncertain, the approach itself confabulates a state of liberation. Liberated to engage in the aesthetic and physical properties of the object prior to a second line of thought, the beauty of the unknown becomes a space of contemplation where known logic is neither requested nor required.

Jone Kvie (b.1971, Lives and works in Naples and Berlin) has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally at museums and institutions including Documenta Fifteen, Kassel, DE, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, SE, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, DK, Örebro Konsthall, SE, Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger, NO, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg, SE, The Vigeland Museum, Oslo, NO.

The artists work are included in the collection of ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus, DK Arts Council Norway, NO Bergen Art Museum, Bergen, NO Göteborgs Museum of Art, Göteborg, SE Hydro Art Collection, Stavanger and Oslo, NO Corcoran Gallery of Art, Katzen Arts Center, American University, Washington DC., USA Malmö Art Museum, Malmö, SE, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, NO The National Public Arts Council, SE The Norwegian Parliament, Oslo, NO Stavanger Museum of Art, Stavanger, NO Region Skåne, SE Statoilhydro Collection, NO Stavanger Council, Stavanger, NO Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger NO.

Tom Howse
Finding Ourselves in The Beyond, 2023. Acrylic on linen, 220 x 245 cm. Photo: Ollie Hammick, Courtesy Gallery Opdahl


Star Tower, 2008-2012
Jone Kvie, Star Tower, 2008-2012, Gold plated bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, Base: 95 (height) x 33 cm / 37.4 (height) x 12.99 in. (diameter) Sculpture: 65 cm / 25.59 in.(height) Diameter variable sizes, Edition #4/5, + 2 AP. (each edition with individual color)