Ali Subotnick

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Artists Trulee Hall, Kori Newkirk, Patrick Jackson and Catherine Czudej talk us through their commissions at Frieze Los Angeles

06 MAR 19

Hear from expert insiders in the city’s cultural landscape, from art to entertainment

18 FEB 19

Curator Ali Subotnick talks about the Frieze Projects program installed across the backlot at Frieze Los Angeles

17 FEB 19

The Frieze Projects artist discusses her practice

07 FEB 19

Featuring special screenings of video work by Cécile B. Evans, Tala Madani, Tom Sachs and Anri Sala in the Paramount Theatre

23 JAN 19

‘An exciting new dimension’ to the city’s cultural scene premieres February 2019

10 SEP 18

Various venues, Berlin, Germany

BY Jörg Heiser | 06 MAY 06

Settling in with the Osbournes

BY Ali Subotnick | 06 JUN 02