Collier Schorr

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On the visibility of desire during lockdown

BY Collier Schorr | 16 JUN 20

In a special photo essay, the artist places her body ‘in the line of danger, admiration, rejection, description’

BY Collier Schorr | 25 SEP 19
City Report

A report from the 47th edition of the annual photography festival

BY Simon Bowcock | 19 JUL 16

303 Gallery, New York, USA

BY Brienne Walsh | 01 MAY 14

The guests of Lukas Duwenhögger

BY Collier Schorr | 11 NOV 99

The industry’s appropriations of minimalist aesthetics offer a vision of social isolation

BY Collier Schorr | 11 NOV 98

The Other in Thomas Schütte's work

BY Collier Schorr | 01 JAN 98

The photographic world of Gregory Crewdson

BY Collier Schorr | 06 MAR 95