Frieze Masters

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Showcasing a diversity of extraordinary artworks and objects across millennia at Frieze Masters 2018

20 SEP 18

Book your stay in one of London’s most celebrated hotels and take advantage of special rates

26 JUL 18

At the Centre Pompidou-Metz, the past year has seen the most extensive survey of contemporary Japanese art outside of the country in 17 years 

BY Edward Ball | 19 FEB 18

The list of participating galleries for Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture 2018 will be announced soon

14 DEC 17

A free outdoor display in London's Regent's Park, 5 July to 8 October

05 JUL 17

Frieze collaborates with Tate Britain, National Gallery, RCA, Sketch Gallery, Studio Wayne McGregor and ICA on the 2017 marketing campaign

22 JUN 17

'It's a time capsule of a moment'

15 JAN 17

'We are all fighting for something'

30 OCT 16

From Ancient Egypt to Baroque Bologna to avant-garde Moscow, the works at Frieze Masters open up a world of stories

29 OCT 16

Curators exchange perspectives on UK & US museum culture

BY Susanna Davies-Crook | 20 OCT 16

'Saturated bodies of colour banging into each other'

19 OCT 16

Two short videos about arches, art and architecture

15 OCT 16

A video guide to the free outdoor art programme, open until 8th January 2017

15 OCT 16

'I think her ears are there to be whispered into'

13 OCT 16

The works at Frieze Masters open up a world of stories

12 OCT 16

'It's the presence of the body on the body of the earth'

12 OCT 16

From feminism to cosmic order, curator Toby Kamps discusses the prevalent themes of Spotlight

07 OCT 16

'A grid for understanding the cosmos'

07 OCT 16

Professor David Ekserdjian explains the purpose and process of his Bespoke tours at Frieze Masters

07 OCT 16

'You wake up one morning and someone is gone'

06 OCT 16