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Karen Archey on Ligia Lewis and Alex Baczynski-Jenkins

BY Karen Archey | 26 SEP 19

Barkley L. Hendricks has died; the Tate faces a lawsuit from its neighbours

21 APR 17

Wellness and new-ages tendencies in the work of Débora Delmar, Institute for New Feeling, Dafna Maimon, Helga Wretman and Lauryn Youden

BY Karen Archey | 16 FEB 17

Galerie Nagel Draxler, Berlin, Germany

BY Karen Archey | 18 OCT 16

With their tribal tattoos facing the world, the sculptures of Anna Uddenberg shed a light on class and gender sterotypes - from the aspirational to the 'girlfriend experience'

BY Karen Archey | 23 AUG 16

Kunsthalle Zurich, Germany

BY Karen Archey | 02 JUN 16

Museum Kampa, Prague, Czech Republic

BY Karen Archey | 31 MAY 16

Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland

BY Karen Archey | 02 MAY 16

Bodily and technological extremes in the sculptures of Yngve Holen

BY Karen Archey | 31 MAR 16

What are the histories of artists engaging with emergent technologies? How has Post-Internet art come to be defined? And what happens next? frieze asks eight artists, writers and curators to reflect

21 NOV 13