in Frieze | 26 APR 18

Preview: ‘Her Refusal of Easy Answers Is Now Very Resonant'

Find out why David Lewis is dedicating his booth at Frieze New York 2018 to the work of Barbara Bloom

in Frieze | 26 APR 18
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In Focus at Frieze New York 2018, David Lewis presents a solo presentation of three decades of work by Barbara Bloom. As a key 'Pictures Generation' artist, Bloom has continuously mined the worlds of film, literature, and pop culture to poetic and humorous effect, though her interest in sculpture  as an extension of an image-based practice sets her apart from many of her peers. Incorporating the forms of furniture - from a Rietveld chair to Joan Crawford’s vanity - and united in a domestic mise-en-scene by a carpet work, the works each recall Church confessionals. According to Bloom these works probe the question of who in, contexts of display and value, is confessing and who is listening – an exploration of ‘places in which we make a spectacle of secrecy [...] a place for things we want to hide.’

Frieze New York 2018 takes place May 4—6, with Preview Days on May 2 and 3. Tickets are available here.