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Other highlights include the culinary cinema of Fredrick Wiseman and Bei Dao's poetics on life in exile

BY Marko Gluhaich |

The poet's debut novel explores the difficulties of tentative living arrangements against the backdrop of Britain's ongoing housing crisis

BY Matthew Turner |

Poet Holly Pester interprets our invitation from the outer depths

BY Holly Pester |

Unidentifiable noises from the ocean floor beg the question, how do we name sounds we don’t fully understand?

BY Ella Finer |

A visit to the artist’s Copenhagen studio revealed an obsession with animals, objects and commodity fetishism

BY Jeppe Ugelvig |

A new film sees the director pursing the Huawei controversy and the potential ‘threat’ of 5G technology

BY Jonathan Griffin AND Meredith Lackey |

The artist's otherworldly aquatic scenes maintain a mysterious and intriguing attraction

BY Rob Goyanes |

A personal response to the influential artist and performer ahead of his homecoming retrospective and residency in Manchester 

BY Sean Burns |

As major shows open on both sides of the Atlantic, we examine the medium’s subversive relationship with gender 

BY Lauren Elkin |

As a major retrospective opens in London, we take a rearview of one of her most iconic works 


BY Philomena Epps |

Her marine sculptures and installations envision the future from the bottom of the ocean

BY Eric Otieno Sumba |

The Sunset Strip seduces Kim Gordon, while Chris Kraus prefers MacArthur Park

Other highlights include Flora Dunster and Theo Gordon’s anthology of queer photography and the return of Artists Behind Bars

BY Sean Burns |

The greatest trick of the Los Angeles members club is making itself invisible

The artist’s paper cut-outs use subversive techniques to reveal utopian ideals

BY Lisa Yin Zhang |

In his feature film debut, the director depicts Chile’s violent history while shedding light on the Selk’nam genocide

BY Arun A.K. |

The artist’s paintings occupy the space between presenting and withholding

BY ​Juliana Halpert |

To celebrate the release of his new book, Remember to Dream! 100 Artists, 100 Notes, the author and curator shares a list of literary works that have inspired him

BY Hans Ulrich Obrist |

Curators, peers and former colleagues pay tribute to ‘the friendliest Black artist in America’

An analysis of the production, interpretation and critique of Black figuration

BY John-Baptiste Oduor |