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How a storied artists’ book publisher placed 1970s conceptual art into the hands of a new generation

BY Dan Fox |

Highlights include a new art book fair at London's Cromwell Place and a collaboration between MACK and film studio A24 

BY Vanessa Peterson |

How a group of self-taught practitioners pioneered a national art form by mythologizing African traditions through religious divination

BY Rianna Jade Parker |

How architects in post-independence Ghana and India wrested building from their western forbears

BY Derin Fadina |

Koffi & Diabaté Architectes have developed a new project as an alternative to unchecked and market-oriented urbanization

BY Lennart Wolff |

The renowned composer created a rousing piece of music with changing dynamics by manipulating the speed of sound

BY Carson Chan |

The celebrated artist is interested in the role of modernism in statecraft and conflict

BY Giovanna Silva AND Laura McLean-Ferris |

We revisit the artist’s ‘Great White Fear’ series, featuring phallic shark paintings, to evaluate its enduring message

BY Chloe Stead |

The computer programme created by the artist in 1988 functioned as a chatbot long before the development of ChatGPT

BY Paul Chan |

Minoru Nomatas paintings of fictional structures lament the buildings that embodied political movements striving for greater equality

BY Juliet Jacques |

The elusive artist’s subtle works prompt viewers to question their ways of looking

BY Ellen Mara De Wachter |

The curator of Chaimowicz's exhibition at WIELS pays tribute to the late artist, who saw domestic space as haven and inspiration

BY Zoë Gray |

The director’s 1963 film, ‘The Cool World’, is a unique misstep in her lauded career

BY Carlos Valladares |

The author’s latest book on his attempted assassination is a doting memoir about love and the allure of life

BY Arun A.K. |

How a filmmaker’s research into historic Afro-Asian solidarities led him to Zanzibar in search of a little-known political icon

BY Gary Zhexi Zhang |

Sinéad Gleeson’s debut is a narrative of the dogged determination it takes to make a life of your own

BY Vanessa Peterson |

Rose Glass’s queer romance, starring Kristen Stewart and Katy M. O’Brian, is a full of sex and violence but lacks the kind of punch to go beyond the tropes it tries to subvert

BY Lydia Popplewell |

A new play by Gillian Solvo highlights the lives of those who survived the devastating fire

BY Rhoda Feng |

On the occasion of the artist’s exhibition at Spike Island, his former collaborator dissects the 1992 sculptural installation

BY Eddie Chambers |

Despite a vague curatorial approach, ‘After Rain’ offers visitors and locals alike a chance to reflect on the Kingdom’s big plans for the region

BY Chloe Stead |