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Chino Amobi, Liz Johnson Artur and Adriana Lara discuss the Art Explora residency at Cité internationale des arts in Montmartre

In Collaboration with Art Explora

Curator Attilia Fattori Franchini and others reflect on the pioneering collaboration, which has seen a diverse range of commissions, including this year's installation by Madeline Hollander

In Collaboration with BMW

Explore some of the best artwork and galleries at this year's fairs in Regent's Park

17 OCT 21

Frieze Masters gallery Les Enluminures presents the work of miniaturist Simon Bening and speaks about the remarkable art of medieval manuscript painting


16 OCT 21

The artist speaks about her performative installation for the Unworlding section at Frieze London

16 OCT 21

Discover the Danish artist who was born Einar Wegener and became Lili Elbe, at Frieze Masters 

15 OCT 21

The artist talks about her latest body of work presented at Frieze London 2021 by Stephen Friedman Gallery

15 OCT 21

Rene Matić, Mike Silva, and Obiora Udechukwu are also among the artists whose works have been acquired for the UK national collection

15 OCT 21

This year the CAS Collections Fund at Frieze is supporting the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston

15 OCT 21