in Frieze Seoul | 17 AUG 23

Vote for Your Favorite Environmental Initiative at Frieze Seoul 2023

This year’s fair in Korea is raising awareness and funds for some great green causes, and you get to have your say too by voting via Pinwheel

in Frieze Seoul | 17 AUG 23

There is a distinct theme of nature at Frieze Seoul 2023, so it feels fitting that the fair is actively supporting global green projects. Via eco fundraising platform Pinwheel, visitors to the fair and users of are being asked to vote for the organizations they would like to see championed and to donate themselves, with Frieze pledging to match-fund all contributions.  

These three projects have been shortlisted for the fair:

Protecting millions of ocean hatchlings with SEE Turtles

Sea turtles are a ‘keystone species’, which means they are an important and influential part of their environment. If a keystone species is removed from a habitat, the natural order can be disrupted. Scarily, six out of seven species of sea turtles are currently threatened or endangered. This project provides funding to the organisations working on small budgets to protect the beaches where turtles lay their eggs and the hatchlings make their way back to the sea, paying local residents to patrol important nesting beaches, protecting turtles that come up to nest, protecting nests and guiding the hatchlings to the sea. SEE Turtles grants have already resulted in 4 million turtle hatchlings being saved.

SEE Turtles protects the nests and hatchlings of this keystone species
SEE Turtles protects the nests and hatchlings of this keystone species

Delivering renewable energy to Africa with Green Girls Organisation 

Around 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa still lack electricity, relying on burning kerosene and firewood for energy. It’s costly and dangerous, both for people and the planet. Open fires can be hugely destructive and result in tree-felling that negatively affects soil erosion. Green Girls Organisation is encouraging these communities to use solar and biomass instead and empowering women to lead the way. This social enterprise uses AI to identify clean-energy issues facing women and girls in rural communities in Africa, training them in new energy technology, and helping them set up small businesses and become peer-educators.

Green Girls supports women to become educators in sustainable energy
Green Girls Organisation supports women to become educators in sustainable energy

Saving the scaly-sided merganser with Birds Korea 

The scaly-sided merganser is a remarkably beautiful and highly endangered species of bird that is confined to East Asia, including Korea. Its name derives from the fish-like scaly pattern on its flanks. Birds Korea is working to conserve this rare species, both at a local and national level, and by contributing to regional conservation efforts. The project is not just about this one species (lovely though it is). It is about conserving river biodiversity and helping people to recognize all of the important services that biodiversity and rivers provide for people. What’s good for the merganser is ultimately good for everyone.

The scaly-sided merganser duck, native to Korea, is endangered
The scaly-sided merganser duck, native to Korea, is endangered


Vote for your favorite green initiative from the shortlist above.

Together, Frieze and Pinwheel link up artists, audiences and organizations across the non-profit and private sectors to support projects that help the environment. 

Find out more about Pinwheel on its website.

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