BY Jennifer Higgie in Podcasts | 01 AUG 20

Bow Down: Juliet Jacques on Claude Cahun

BY Jennifer Higgie in Podcasts | 01 AUG 20

Writer, filmmaker and memoirist Juliet Jacques joins Jennifer to discuss Claude Cahun. Born in Nantes in 1894, the surrealist photographer and writer Claude Cahun lived most of her life on the island of Jersey with her stepsister, lover and artistic collaborator Marcel Moore. The work of Cahun and Moore – who resisted the German occupation of Jersey with poems they slipped into soldiers’ pockets – is at once a celebration of queer identity and a testament to the power of the imagination to resist fascism.

Jennifer Higgie is editor-at-large of frieze, based in London, UK. She is the host of frieze’s first podcast, Bow Down: Women in Art History. Her book The Mirror and the Palette is forthcoming from Weidenfeld & Nicolson.