BY Jennifer Higgie in Podcasts | 01 AUG 20

Bow Down: Helen Cammock on Artemisia Gentileschi

BY Jennifer Higgie in Podcasts | 01 AUG 20

First up is the Turner-Prize-shortlisted artist – and winner of the 2018 Max Mara Prize for Women – Helen Cammock on the 17th century Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

Future episodes will include the critic and memoirist Juliet Jacques on the surrealist photographer and resistance worker Claude Cahun; artist Liliane Lijn on the surrealist painter Stella Sneed; cinema theorist Laura Mulvey on the radical filmmaker Chantal Akerman; Tate curator Natalia Sidlina on the avant-garde artist and designer Natalia Goncharova; and Hayward curator Zoe Whitley on Kathleen Collins, the first African-American woman to write and direct a feature film. We hope you enjoy listening to and learning more about these extraordinary women, all of whom made – and continue to make – the world a more interesting place. Bow down! 

Jennifer Higgie is editor-at-large of frieze, based in London, UK. She is the host of frieze’s first podcast, Bow Down: Women in Art History. Her book The Mirror and the Palette is forthcoming from Weidenfeld & Nicolson.